Can you Freeze Croquettes? – Tips And Tricks To Freeze Croquettes – Thawing Croquettes

Can You Freeze Croquettes?: Croquettes are deep-fried mouthwatering bites of potato that are usually concealed in breadcrumbs. The most familiar variety of croquettes individuals talk about is potato croquettes. Theta can be made easily at home however, what to do when you want to store them.

The solution to this is, croquettes can be frozen. Both Uncooked and cooked croquettes can be frozen before using them the next time. Stay with me till the very end of this article to know if can you freeze croquettes, and how to freeze the croquettes using the right steps.

Can You Freeze Croquettes

Can You Freeze Croquettes? How Long Can Croquettes be Frozen?

Yes, croquettes can be frozen for about one month though they will be very delicious when they are eaten before that! Meat croquettes can also be frozen for even longer which is around two months. The answer to this question depends upon the ingredients that are used in making the croquettes. The general thumb rule followed is that potato croquettes can be frozen for almost one month. Any time beyond it will change its flavor or texture.

How To Freeze Croquettes

If freezing the potato croquettes, then they must be frozen before it is cooked. This will let you completely cook them once it is thawed out. Also, they will taste as fine as the ones that were freshly made.

Follow the down-given method to freeze the croquettes well so that they do not turn out to be a big clamp when frozen.

  • By using your regular recipe make the croquettes. If there are leftover uncooked croquettes that are store-bought, then they can also be frozen using this procedure.
  • When the croquettes are completely formed in the desired shape, wrap them using breadcrumbs (only if you need them). Then, lay on the baking tray that is lined with a parchment sheet.
  • Spread them out carefully on the sheet so they are separated, so they do not touch each other. This is done to make sure that everything is frozen separately at this step.
  • Now, place the baking tray in the freezer ensuring that the croquettes are not squashed or damaged. Let them sit in the freezer for about two hours. It must be solid and hard before going to the next step.
  • Once the croquettes are completely solid frozen, move them from the baking tray to a bigger container or freezer bag.
  • If using freezer bags, then press all the excess air out before sealing the freezer bag. If using a freezer container, then cover the container with a plastic bag after putting the lid on it.
  • Make sure to note the date and contents on the top before placing them in the freezer to let them freeze till when needed.

Tips to Follow When Freezing Croquettes

Since you have learned the steps to freeze croquettes, I have got a few tips that I firmly suggest observing to obtain the finest results, when freezing croquettes.

  • Freeze only Leftovers

When there are leftover uncooked croquettes that have been not frozen at all, then they can be frozen. Just follow the steps mentioned above. Yet, be mindful that they might not have the same flavor as before when they are overcooked while reheating them.

  • Try Using Containers

Although croquettes can freeze well in freezer bags, I would recommend freezing them in containers so that they are stored well in an airtight. So choose a big container that seals well while placing them in the freezer.

  • Label Type

When making different kinds of croquettes, like beef, potato, and ham, then ensure to freeze each type in separate freezer bags or containers. Naming them clearly with the right label with help you in identifying the style of the croquette.

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How To Defrost Croquettes?

Mostly, when consuming frozen croquettes, they need not be defrosted at all. Only when deep-frying, it must be defrosted so that it can fry completely. The same is valid when planning to cook them in the oven. Make sure to adjust the cooking times so that all the croquettes are thoroughly cooked before eating.

Defrost the croquettes before reheating or cooking them, which I firmly advise for meat croquettes. Just take the needed croquettes out from the freezer and palace them in a bowl and let them sit overnight in the fridge. This will enable them to thaw out slowly by maintaining taste and texture.

Can Croquettes be Refrozen?

No, when there are leftover thawed croquettes, I would recommend not refreezing them. Doing this will only degrade the taste and texture of the croquettes which will not be enjoyable to consume at all. We always recommend you freeze in portions so that you no need to refreeze croquettes.

FAQs  On How To Cook Frozen Croquettes

1. Can You Freeze Jamon Croquettes?

Yes, you can freeze all kinds of croquettes, and this is applicable to Jamon (or ham) croquettes also. These croquettes can be stored in the freezer for about 2 months, by using the same steps as mentioned above.

2. Can You Freeze Baked Croquettes?

Typically, croquettes have a crispy layer on the out when deep-fried, but a healthier option is by baking them. However, when it comes to freezing the croquettes the cooking process does not affect them.

3. Can you freeze cooked croquettes?

Yes, they also freeze well due to their double coating. Just make sure to cool down them completely. Also, flash freeze them to avoid them sticking together, before freezing them completely.

4. Should I defrost croquettes before frying them?

No, if needed just place them on paper towels and remove leftover ice. The less frost on the croquette, the lower the possibility of oil to splat.

Key Takeaways

We hope the information provided on can you freeze croquettes is useful for you. If the croquettes are frozen before being oven cooked or fired, then they will definitely freeze extremely well.

Things might change when freezing cooked croquettes, as they will have changes in taste and might not be nice as fresh ones. For more interesting articles like can you freeze gyoza, can you freeze matzo balls, and many more, you can check out our website.


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