Can You Freeze Cookies? – 10 Simple Things to Know About Freezing Cookies

Can You Freeze Cookies?: Cookies, the softer and more colorful version of biscuits, are one of the most common finds in any bakery. Cookies come in all possible flavors, shapes, and sizes, thereby making them the perfect fit-for-all snack. Have you prepared a whole batch of cookies for the upcoming party and are now worried about storing them? Or you went overboard and bought a little too many packets of cookies in the sale and now don’t know what to do with them?

In any of such cases, freezing cookies is the ideal option. That is why, in this article, we will tell you how you can freeze your cookies like a professional and use them whenever you want.

Can You Freeze Cookies

Can You Freeze Cookies?

Yes, absolutely! You can store your cookies in the freezer immediately after baking them. Not only does freezing extend the shelf life of cookies, but also preserves their freshness and flavor profiles. If done correctly, you can expect your cookies to last at least 4 months in the freezer.

However, this doesn’t apply to every type of cookie as the ones that have intricate stuffing or several layers of cream tend to not freeze well. So, it is better if you consume them directly without freezing them.

How To Freeze Cookies?

Now that we are on the same page about storing cookies in the freezer for a better overall experience, let’s dive in and explore a few ways to actually freeze cookies.

  1. If you are planning to freeze fully baked cookies, then you must allow them to cool down to room temperature after baking. This is because freezing piping hot stuff can allow moisture to enter the item when it cools down in the freezer.
  2. After it has cooled down, you must pick every individual cookie, wrap it up in fresh food wrap, and then place it in an airtight freezer bag.
  3. Lastly, seal the bag properly by removing as much air as possible from it, and then leave it in the freezer. Just make sure that you label those bags with the date on the packaging so that you don’t end up eating expired ones.
  4. On the other hand, if you are planning to just freeze raw cookies or cookie dough and bake them later on, you just have to pour them into ziplock bags.

How Long Do Frozen Cookies Last?

Since they are perishable baked goods, frozen cookies don’t last long. Moreover, the type of ingredients in them, such as sugar, salt, and chocolate, don’t make it any easier to make them last longer. So, if you are planning to prepare a batch of cookies in advance, it is better to freeze them and use them within a few months.

If you have used good quality ingredients and packed your cookies really well, then you can expect them to have an estimated shelf life such as this.

Type of Cookies At Room Temperature In The Refrigerator In The Freezer
Raw Cookies 2-3 days At least 3 months
Fully Baked Cookies 2-4 days At least a week 2-3 months

‘-’ means that cookies are not meant to be stored there.

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Can You Freeze Cookies

Can You Freeze Cookies 1

Refined Wheat Flour (Maida), Dark Chocolate Chips (21%) {Sugar, Cocoa Solids, Cocoa Butter, Dextrose Emulsifier [Lecithin (from Soyabean)] and Artificial Flavouring Substances (Vanilla)}, Sugar, Refined Palm Oil, Invert Syrup, Cocoa Solids, Choco Chips (1%), Raising Agents [INS 500(ii), INS 503(ii), INS 450(i)], Iodised Salt, Emulsifier [DiAcetyl Tartaric and Fatty Acid Esters of Glycerol (From Sunflower and Palm Oil)], Artificial Flavouring Substances (Chocolate and Vanilla), Colours (INS 150d, INS 150c) and Flour Treatment Agent (INS 223).
Contains Wheat, Soy, Milk, Sulphites
May Contains Nuts

Nutritional Information (Approx Values)
Per Serve – 20 g
Approx. no. of serves per pack – 17.8

Nutrients Per 100 g %RDA per serve
Energy (kcal) 480 4.8%
Protein (g) 7.3
Carbohydrate (g) 71.0
Total Sugars (g) 31.2
Added Sugars (g) 28.7 11.5%
Total Fat (g) 18.5 5.5%
Saturated Fat (g) 10.0 9.1%
Trans Fat (g) 0.06 0.6%
Cholesterol (mg) 0
Sodium (mg) 150.5 1.5%

Other than Naturally Occurring Trans Fat

Can You Thaw Frozen Cookies?

Yes, absolutely! You can thaw cookies very easily, after all, it doesn’t make sense to eat frozen cookies with piping hot tea. If you wish to thaw frozen plain cookies, then simply heat them for a few minutes in the oven. However, if you are planning to soften up raw cookies, then you better heat them for at least 20 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is important to remember that some cookies may turn stiff whilst others may develop a spoiled stuffing when thawed. So, always experiment with a single cookie so as to know whether the whole batch can be thawed in the oven or not.

How To Thaw Frozen Cookies?

If you are sure that your cookies can be thawed without getting spoiled or if they don’t have extensive cream designs on them, then you can thaw them by following the methods

  • When thawing fully baked cookies, just leave them in a preheated oven for at least 10 minutes. Your cookies will get soft again.
  • However, if you have some time, try leaving them in the refrigerator so that they thaw overnight.
  • Secondly, if you wish to thaw raw cookies or cookie dough, then things might get a little tricky. So, you must heat them for at least 20 minutes in the oven and cover them with parchment paper so that they don’t burn. Also, make sure that they are thawed to their core.

Ways To Tell That Frozen Cookies Have Gone Bad

Frozen or unfrozen, spoilt cookies show similar red flags. For instance, frozen cookies that might have gone bad will definitely smell bad, or even worse, they will taste weird. So, if your batch of frozen cookies tastes ‘funny’, then get rid of them immediately.

Moreover, some cookies that have been in the freezer for a very long time will also develop mold, thereby clearly indicating that they are unfit for consumption. So, always be on the lookout for signs of spoilage in cookies.

If the question Can Brownies Go Bad is haunting you then follow the quick write-up and see what are the possible signs of spoilage, how long they last, etc.

Can You Refrigerate Cookies?

Technically speaking, Yes! You ‘can’ refrigerate cookies but whether you ‘should’ do so or not depends on your end goal. For example, if you wish to store fully baked cookies and plan on eating them within a week, then sure, go ahead and leave them in the refrigerator.

However, if you are going to leave them there for months, then refrigerating them is certainly not a good option. Rather, put in a few more efforts and freeze them directly.

Can You Refreeze Cookies?

Sure, You can refreeze your cookies if you have any leftovers. But beware, you must do so only if you have loads of leftovers and have no other option but to refreeze them. Otherwise, try to incorporate them in other recipes as refreezing cookies can spoil their texture. This effect can be exacerbated in the case of cream and other stuffed cookies. Moreover, your cookies might turn stale or soggy if refrozen for a long.

That is why, if the situation demands it, you may wrap up the leftovers and place them in airtight freezer bags, followed by refreezing. Otherwise, make it a point to store them in small portions from the start so that you don’t have to deal with the leftovers later on.

Do Cookies Freeze Well?

Fortunately, Yes! Cookies freeze really well, as long as you have taken the correct steps to store them. Moreover, cookie dough and cut-out raw cookies can also be frozen easily, so that they last long.

Although most of the cookies and their respective doughs will freeze well, some complicated recipes and several layers of stuffing might prevent a section of cookies from being frozen perfectly. In that scenario, you must try to consume those cookies as soon as possible. Frozen cookies can last up to 4 months in the freezer.

FAQs On Can You Freeze Cookies

1. Does freezing ruin cookies?

No, definitely not! Rather freezing helps extend their shelf lives and protect their freshness and crispness. However, some cookies that have complex stuffings or several layers of cream might go bad if frozen. They may turn stale or soggy over time.

2. Can you freeze cookies in ziplock bags?

Sure, why not! You can definitely store your cookies in a ziplock bag. Rather you should wrap them up in food wrap, and then place them in the bag. Just make sure that you remove as much air as possible from these bags so that your cookies last long.

3. Can you freeze cookie dough?

Yes, You can freeze raw cookie dough. This allows you to easily bake your cookies later on. Just wrap this dough in foil and cover it in a ziplock bag. However, do remember that thawing this frozen dough will be a little tricky due to its sheer size.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this article told you everything that you wished to know about storing cookies in the freezer as well as the shelf life of frozen cookies. Similarly, if you are in a dilemma about storing, preparing, or freezing any other food item or beverage, feel free to check out the website and discover more such fun and informative articles like Do You Need to Refrigerate Bread Pudding and many others.

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