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Can You Freeze Coffee Beans? Coffee, undoubtedly the most popular drink of all time, can be found basically everywhere. It has occupied the top spot in advertisements, cafes, bars, restaurants, fast food chains, etc. Not only that, but it has also captured the imagination of several artists and basically ignited a race to brew that perfect cup of coffee. It comes in various flavors like mocha, latte, americano, etc.

There is no dearth of coffee varieties out there as long as you are willing to pay. But how can you securely store your expensive precious coffee beans? To find out, read through this piece as we explain everything that you need to know about freezing coffee beans.

Can You Freeze Coffee Beans

Can You Freeze Coffee Beans?

Absolutely, Yes! You can very easily freeze coffee beans once you place them in the freezer. However, you need to remember that coffee is a hygroscopic product that absorbs moisture and aromas from other food items that might be present in the freezer.

So, make sure to store coffee beans in an airtight container. Also, freezing coffee beans allows you to grind them uniformly, leading to a nicely brewed coffee. Unless you are about to use your coffee beans immediately, you should definitely opt for freezing them.

How Long Do Frozen Coffee Beans Last?

The exact shelf life of coffee beans is impacted by several factors like its original variety, the storage conditions at your place, and the hygroscopic properties of those beans. It is said that a day at room temperature is equivalent to 200 days in the freezer.

So, inevitably, coffee will last longer in the freezer as compared to the refrigerator and pantry. If you store it the right way, then you can expect it to last for the period mentioned below.

Type Of Coffee Beans At Room Temperature In The Refrigerator  In The Freezer 
Unopened Coffee Beans Pack 1-2 weeks More than 3 months 1-2 years
Opened Coffee Beans Pack Up to 20 days At least 4 months

‘-’ means that coffee beans are not meant to be stored there.

How To Freeze Coffee Beans?

If you are one of those coffee enthusiasts who simply cannot compromise with their morning cup of coffee, then it is vital that you store your beans the right way as well. The major issue with coffee storage is that it is hygroscopic.

So, it tends to absorb moisture, aromas, and pigments from its surroundings very fast. Thus, in this section, we will be telling you some easy and professional ways of freezing your coffee beans well. So, grab that cup of coffee and dive into this piece1

  • If you are about to use your coffee very soon, then simply avoid leaving it inside either your refrigerator or the freezer. Rather you can pour all beans inside an airtight container and keep it in a dry and cold place like your kitchen pantry.
  • In contrast, if you would like to store your coffee beans for a longer duration, then you must seriously consider putting them in the freezer. Refrigerating them might not be a good option since there is a higher probability that beans will dry up.
  • While freezing coffee beans, just pour them into an airtight container or tube and leave them in the freezer. After you are done using them, make sure that the container has been closed properly.

Find Out:

Do Coffee Beans Freeze Well?

Surprisingly, Yes. Coffee beans do freeze well in the freezer, given that you have provided the right temperature. It is believed that freezing coffee beans has many benefits. It prevents them from drying up and turning stale as their natural oil disappears.

Moreover, it extends their shelf life considerably as well. Whenever you grind these frozen beans, they will give you fine-quality particles only. Lastly, if their container has been sealed tightly, then you need not worry about your coffee catching other fragrances.

Can You Keep Refreezing Coffee Beans?

Obviously! No one can use their whole packet of coffee in a single day. So, it is inevitable that you will have to keep refreezing your coffee beans. If you have not stored your beans in manageable portions, then at least make sure that you seal the container tight after every use.

Also, try to squeeze out as much air as possible. Any amount of exposure to the atmosphere can lead to spoilage in coffee beans as they are sensitive to their surroundings.

What Else To Know While Freezing Coffee Beans?

Now that you are about to freeze your coffee beans for long-term usage, it will be beneficial if you keep a few pointers in your mind. These scientific tips will help you make the most out of your coffee storage method and allow you to extract every drop of sweetness from that brewed coffee. Let’s discover some of these tips!

  • If you prefer to use them frequently, then it is okay if you leave coffee beans in the kitchen pantry. Any place wherein they will not be exposed to direct UV light is okay for storage.
  • On the other hand, if you are one of those coffee veterans who have a certain liking for old coffee, then certainly freeze your beans.
  • Before grinding, make sure that they are frozen uniformly.
  • Wherever you store them, make sure that there are no strong aromatic agents or water sources near them. As mentioned before, coffee beans can absorb compounds from their environment as they gradually lose their natural essence.
  • Lastly, it is important that you label all your containers with the proper dates of packaging, or else you might lose track of their shelf lives.

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Can You Use Frozen Coffee Beans Directly?

Absolutely, Yes! You can use frozen coffee beans directly in the grinding machine. Rather it is advisable that you freeze them before using them for brewed coffee. This is because when you grind coffee beans in a coffee machine, you tend to obtain 3 types of coffee beans- large particles, fine particles, and medium-range brewed ones.

Since we wish to take only the latter one, it would be a shame if the rest of the ground coffee is wasted away. So, using frozen coffee beans benefits you.

FAQs On Can You Freeze Coffee Beans

1. What happens if you freeze coffee beans?

If you put away your coffee beans in the freezer, make sure that their container is completely sealed and the beans aren’t exposed to any strong aromas. When done perfectly, you can expect your frozen coffee beans to last a long time. Moreover, you will get really fine powder when you ground frozen coffee beans.

2. Can you freeze coffee beans in the fridge?

Technically speaking, Yes! But you should not freeze them in your refrigerator as they may catch on several aromas and moisture, thereby deteriorating their quality. That is why you should rather pour them into an airtight container and leave it in your freezer. You will realize it was worth it as frozen coffee beans brew so much better than normal ones.

3. Can you freeze coffee beans in the mason jar?

Sure! Since mason jars are made of fine quality glass, they won’t affect the quality of coffee beans and will keep them fresh for a long time. Just make sure that you seal these jars properly and remove all the traces of air trapped between the beans. The lower the exposure to the temperature, the lesser will be the spoilage.

Final Thoughts

There is absolutely no way that you have never consumed coffee once in your life. A majority of people are hooked to caffeine as their sole morning drink. So, that gives people a lot of liberty to buy and savor expensive and premium quality coffee beans.

Thus, if you find any of this relatable, then you must preserve those beans and store them properly since you are planning to make the most out of them. Afterward, check out the website for more such fun articles like Can you Freeze Kefir Smoothies and about your favorite food items and beverages.

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