Can you Freeze Cinnamon Sticks? – Why Can’t You Freeze Cinnamon Sticks?

Can you Freeze Cinnamon Sticks?: Cinnamon is one of the most popular spices that are used across the world. It is used in many dishes, drinks, and other meals. Cinnamon can be found as either a powder or as sticks.

In this article, we will be talking about cinnamon sticks in particular. It is common to think that you can freeze your cinnamon sticks to preserve them. If you are curious about this, then do keep reading till the end to get all your doubts cleared!

Can you Freeze Cinnamon Sticks

Can you Freeze Cinnamon Sticks?

No, we highly advise against freezing cinnamon sticks. They already have a long shelf life, regardless of whether they are opened or unopened. So, just ensure that you store them correctly so you can use them in your cooking for longer.

Why Can’t You Freeze Cinnamon Sticks?

The first thing that you need to know is that cinnamon is very sensitive when it comes to low temperatures. Your cinnamon sticks will lose their flavor and quality if they are frozen.

If you do freeze them, they simply become tasteless tree bark. Cinnamon has such an authentic and significant flavor, that freezing it is actually counterproductive.

In the freezer, your cinnamon sticks may also be harmed by moisture, which is a no-go for spices. Moisture also causes your cinnamon sticks to lose their taste.

How To Store Cinnamon Sticks?

Your cinnamon sticks will stay fresh for up to 4 years if they are unopened. Ensure that you store the unopened packages of cinnamon sticks in a dark and dry area like the pantry, or a shelf in your kitchen.

But opened cinnamon sticks last up to 2 years. Opened cinnamon sticks need to be stored carefully so they retain their quality and flavor for a long time.

Always store your opened cinnamon sticks in an airtight bag or container. Make sure to seal the containers tightly after each use. In addition, always ensure that the container remains dry even after every use.

Yes, unfortunately, cinnamon sticks do become spoiled when they are not stored properly. If you suspect that your cinnamon sticks have gone bad, you can rub a stick on your hand.

Then, smell it. If it still has the same rich smell that cinnamon is supposed to have, then you’re good. You can continue to use it.

But if the cinnamon sticks give off an unpleasant or weird smell, then it is better to toss them out since there is a high possibility that they have become spoiled.

Moreover, if your cinnamon sticks appear to be slimy or watery, then it is most likely that they have gone bad. We recommend that you throw them out immediately. Better safe than sorry!

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Interesting Facts About Cinnamon Sticks

  • Cinnamon sticks are also known as ‘quills’.
  • Filled with antioxidants such as polyphenols.
  • It is a natural food preservative.
  • The antioxidants that are present in cinnamon sticks reduce and protect your body from inflammation.
  • Contributes towards a healthy heart, and a reduced risk of heart disease and other heart conditions.

FAQs on Can you Freeze Cinnamon Sticks

1. How long can you keep cinnamon sticks?

You can keep cinnamon sticks for 1 to 2 years easily.

2. How do you store cinnamon quills?

Store cinnamon quills in an airtight container in the pantry. Place them away from sunlight and damp.

3. Why should I not freeze cinnamon sticks?

Freezing cinnamon sticks make them lose their flavor and overall quality. They will become flavorless if they are frozen.

4. What is the best way to store cinnamon sticks?

The best way to store cinnamon sticks is to place them in a cool and dry environment and seal well. An airtight bag is the best option to store spices.


As you can see, cinnamon sticks should definitely not be frozen. This is because their flavor and quality will be ruined. They last for a long time without being frozen anyways, so you do not need to worry.

Your cinnamon sticks can last up to 2 to 4 years, depending on whether they are opened or unopened. But always make sure to store them in an airtight container, and in a dark and dry place.

If you are curious about whether other types of foods and ingredients can be frozen, Can Cinnamon Go Bad, then do check out for more articles like this one!

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