Can You Freeze Chicken Liver Pate – What is the Process of Freezing Chicken Liver Pate?

Can You Freeze Chicken Liver Pate?: The velvety, rich, and oh-so-spreadable chicken liver pate is a must-try at family gatherings. Chicken liver is often called a “superfood” because it is packed with nutrients to keep your body healthy.

This silky-smooth chicken liver pate is inexpensive and simple to make. It is a classic as an appetizer or on charcuterie boards, with a wonderfully smooth and gently rich flavor. Who wouldn’t want to have it readily available all the time? So how should you store pate for a longer shelf life? Can you freeze chicken liver pate? Let’s find out!

Can You Freeze Chicken Liver Pate

Can You Freeze Chicken Liver Pate?

Yes, you can surely freeze chicken liver pate for up to 3 months. Meat pates, like the ones prepared from chicken livers, are a tasty accompaniment as an appetizer or sandwich spread. But because pate is a perishable meat product, you must use appropriate storage measures when keeping it for a longer duration.

By using the correct freezing techniques to store chicken liver pate, you will reduce the risk of bacterial contamination and prevent food-borne illnesses. Always check the use-by date before freezing store-bought pate. And if the pate is homemade, the sooner you freeze it after preparing it, the better!

How To Freeze Chicken Liver Pate?

When freezing shop-bought chicken liver pate, wrap it up in cling film and place it straight in the freezer! There’s nothing more to do. However, if you’ve spent a considerable amount of time preparing your pate in the kitchen, follow the below-given steps to properly freeze it:

  • Divide your pate into small portions: When preparing a large amount of pate, it’s a good idea to separate it into portions before you freeze it. You can cover a tray with greaseproof paper and place your portioned pate on top.
  • Cover the tray with cling film: Cover the chicken liver pate tray with cling film and place it in the freezer for 2–3 hours, or until frozen. Take the tray out of the freezer when your pate is frozen solid.
  • Wrap the portions individually: Once your chicken liver pate portions are hard, it’s easy to wrap them individually with cling film. Double wrap the pate portions nicely such that no air can get to the pate or it could result in freezer burn.
  • Place the pate into a container and freeze: Transfer the pate portions into a freezer-safe box. Remember to not stack them on top of one another or they might stick together while in the freezer.
  • Label and Freeze: Label the freezer box with the date you prepared the pate and when you should use it.

Tips For Freezing Chicken Liver Pate

Here are the best tips that we strongly recommend following to have the best results when freezing chicken liver pate:

  • Properly wrap it: Make sure that your pate is fully wrapped and protected before you place it in the freezer. If you’re worried about freezer burn, you could always double-wrap the pate and place it in a freezer-safe bag.
  • You can freeze it whole: It’s OK to freeze your chicken liver pate block whole instead of separating it into portion sizes. However, if you do this, use it all in one sitting; refreezing the pate isn’t a good idea. Thus, unless you have friends to share it with, it’s best to portion your chicken liver pate before freezing it.
  • Wrap Individually: If you don’t have time to freeze your chicken liver pate on a tray initially, you can wrap the portions individually and place them straight into a freezer-safe container. This is not the best choice because pate is sticky and can be challenging to wrap when it’s not frozen.

Pro tip: If you are planning to serve your chicken liver pate with garnishes, do not freeze the garnishes with the pate. Add the garnish only after you defrost the pate.

How Long Can You Freeze Chicken Liver Pate?

You can freeze chicken liver pate for about 3 months. It’s important to freeze a meat-based pate as soon as you can after preparing it to ensure it remains both fresh and safe to enjoy at a later date. However, if you want to keep the pate in the fridge for a while, it should be good for 3-4 days before you need to transfer it to the freezer.

Chicken Liver Pate  Shelf Life 
In the refrigerator 3-4 days
In Freezer 3 months

How To Store Frozen Chicken Liver Pate?

You can store frozen chicken liver pate in any freezer-safe container or Ziploc bag that is airtight. As long as the air doesn’t enter the freezer bag, you can keep freezer burns at bay, and your frozen pate will be good to use.

When choosing the best storage option, consider how much freezer space you have. If you are running out of freezer space, then Ziploc bags are your go-to. They allow you to pack big or small portions into thin flat packs that you can stack over each other in a small freezer.

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Does Chicken Liver Pate Freeze Well?

If you double-wrap the chicken liver pate and protect it from freezer burn, your pate should freeze well. But if you skip the initial freezing steps, you might find that the texture is a little out of shape. Also, your chicken liver pate might not look as desirable as it would if you freeze it first and then store it in a freezer-safe container.

How Do You Defrost Chicken Liver Pate?

When planning to defrost chicken liver pate, take it out of the freezer the night before you plan to use it and let it thaw gradually. Take the portion you need to consume out of the freezer and place it, still wrapped, on a shelf in the refrigerator. By the next day, it will have thawed perfectly, and you can enjoy it as if it was freshly made.

If you forgot to take your pate out the night before, don’t panic! Put your wrapped and bagged frozen pate in a bowl of water at room temperature, and it’ll be ready to use within a couple of hours. Although not instant, this method speeds up the defrosting of your chicken liver pate and will make it ready to use until lunchtime.

If your pate has a high amount of butter, you could thaw it right on the kitchen counter without leaving it in the fridge overnight. And remember to not leave the pate out for too long once it thaws because it can increase the risk of bacterial buildup, making it unsafe to eat.

Can You Refreeze Chicken Liver Pate?

No, we definitely wouldn’t recommend refreezing chicken liver pate. Repeated freezing and thawing will change the overall texture, and it’s likely to go squishy. Also, if the pate was left out for a long time before being refrozen, there are high chances of bacterial buildup that can spoil the pate faster.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, to avoid having to refreeze or waste the chicken liver pate once it thaws, you can portion it beforehand into small and manageable measures and wrap it up individually. Then separate the individual portion sizes and thaw the required amount the night before you want to enjoy it. Leaving the rest pate back in a freezer-safe container or Ziploc bag.

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FAQs on Freezing Chicken Liver Pate

1. Can you freeze Vegan Pate?

Yes, you can also freeze vegan pate. The freezing process for freezing vegan pate is quite similar. Mushroom pate, for example, needs to be wrapped, frozen, and then stored in a freezer-safe container.

2. Can You freeze chopped liver pate?

Yes, you can freeze chopped liver pate for around 3 months. You may find some changes in its texture due to freezing, but it’s still perfectly safe to consume.

3. Can you freeze homemade chicken liver pate?

Yes, you can surely freeze homemade chicken liver pate. You should follow the steps above to freeze, and your pate will last in the freezer for a couple of months. The key is to portion them out and wrap them thoroughly before packing them into Ziploc bags or freezer-safe containers.

Wrapping Up

While you can purchase chicken liver pate ready-made, you can also quickly and easily prepare it at home and freeze it for several months. Follow our article and store your chicken liver pate in the best possible manner. Don’t forget to check out special tips mentioned in this article to increase the shelf life of your chicken liver pate. For more interesting wellness content like Can You Freeze Ham Slices, keep following our website.

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