Can Freeze Kimchi – Easy Guide To Freeze Kimchi With Steps & Tips

Can Freeze Kimchi?: Traditional spicy and salty flavors of Kimchi make it a great accompaniment. If you have ever prepared a big batch of kimchi or brought it from the store and don’t know how to store it for a long time. Need not worry anymore as we have given the ways to preserve kimchi, answered questions on what can freeze kimchi, and how to do so in this article.

We have listed the details like how to defrost kimchi, tips to follow while freezing them, and ways to use the leftover kimchi in the forthcoming sections.

Can you Freeze Kimchi

Can you Freeze Kimchi?

Yes, you can freeze kimchi in order to extend its shelf life. It is a fermented product and can stay up for a quite long time when kept in the original jar. Although kimchi stays for a long time it can go bad when gets exposed to air at room temperatures. Freezing Kimchi will enhance the lifetime of the veggie after opening.

How to Freeze Kimchi?

Be it homemade Kimchi or Store bought one the freezing process is pretty much simple. Go through the steps below for freezing kimchi and they are as under

  • Pick the Kimchi that is fresh and firm as the frozen one will not have that taste and flavor.
  • Then, divide the kimchi into portions as per your need and keep them in either airtight containers or Ziploc bags. In case of glass jars or any other containers make sure they are tightly sealed. However, for Ziploc bags remove the excess air.
  • Then, label the package with the date and food name listed on it clearly so that it is simple to identify. Now, shift it to the freezer and keep it for 3 months.

Tips for Freezing Kimchi

We recommend you follow some of the tips & tricks over here while freezing Kimchi. The tips are as follows

  • Make sure to pick containers wisely so that kimchi stored will not come in contact with air. However, leave some space while keeping the kimchi so that it has space to expand while freezing.
  • Go for ziploc bags as they can save you a lot of space. You can squash them flat while keeping them in the freezer.
  • Make sure to label the package clearly so that you have a clear idea of it.

How Long Can You Freeze Kimchi?

You can freeze Kimchi for about 3 months. Better consume the kimchi within these 3months to enjoy the taste and flavors of it. Kimchi usually stays up longer than the time it is kept in the freezer. It’s just that the taste and quality of the vegetable degrade over time and you don’t have to rely on it.

How to Defrost Kimchi?

The process to defrost kimchi is pretty simple. Follow the below process to thaw or defrost kimchi quite easily.

Firstly, transfer the Kimchi from Freezer to Fridge. Later, leave the condiment to thaw for a few hours. Thawing slowly will reduce the flavor or texture changes. Usually, Kimchi is served cold and you can enjoy it after thawing it completely. You can add frozen kimchi to your dishes like stews or soups.

Can You Refreeze Kimchi?

Refreezing Kimchi is not recommended. Doing so will alter its taste and texture of it. After freezing food the cells expand and burst thus they become shredded and turn mushy. Condiment even turns less flavorful due to refreezing. Thus try to freeze in small portions than go for the refreezing option.

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Can Freeze Kimchi

How to use Leftover Kimchi?

There are numerous ways in which you can use leftover kimchi. We have mentioned some of the best possible ways in which you can use kimchi. They are explained below

  • You can include kimchi in scrambled eggs or omelets.
  • Mix it with brown rice and sauteed vegetables for your lunch or dinner.
  • Add it to your next batch of stew or soup.
  • Mix it with shredded cabbage and diced apple to form a tasty salad.
  • You can include it as a condiment for tasty burgers or sandwiches.

Does Kimchi Freeze Well?

Kimchi is a great condiment to store in the freezer and it freezes pretty well. You can freeze it to extend the shelf life and at the same time preserve its taste and flavors of it. You can add it to many dishes like stews, fried rice, and dumplings. It need not always be a side sauce.

FAQs on Can You Freeze Kimchi

1. How do I know if kimchi has gone bad?

If you notice any signs of mold, off smell, or bad taste then it is a sign that kimchi has gone bad.

2. Can you ferment kimchi too long?

If you ferment kimchi too long it will turn too sour.

3. What happens if you eat bad kimchi?

If you eat bad kimchi you might experience the symptoms of food poisoning, nausea, and diarrhea.

4. Can kimchi grow mold?

Yes, kimchi can grow mold if treated carelessly.

Final Words

We believe the knowledge shed on our page regarding Can Freeze Kimchi has benefited you. If you need further assistance feel free to reach us through the comment section and we will guide you. Stay connected to our site to avail latest updates on similar articles like Can You Freeze Carrots, etc.

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