Can You Freeze Yogurt? – How To Freeze Yogurt & Thaw it for Future usage? – Using Frozen Yougurt

Can you Freeze Yogurt?: Yogurt is a fermented dairy product, and it has many health benefits like high protein, natural tang, and gut-boosting properties. Have you bought yogurt in a sale when you went to get groceries? And now you are thinking about how to increase its shelf life or simply you are craving a nutritious summer treat. Then don’t worry as we have a solution to increase the shelf life of yogurt. In our article, we are going to provide you with how to freeze yogurt, how long you can freeze it, how to defrost it, and many more. Start Reading Now!!

Can you Freeze Yogurt

How Freezing Effects Yogurt?

Most manufacturers say that thawing and freezing yogurt may change its taste and texture. You can use frozen yogurt for cooking and baking if you do not like the taste when you eat it normally. But you should not freeze yogurt longer, you should consume it as soon as possible so that it will taste better. Yogurt can be stored in a closed container at 40°F for 1-2 weeks. However, overall yogurt can be stored for 1-2 months.

How to Freeze Yogurt

Freezing yogurt is as easy as freezing cream cheese. Yogurt can be frozen in different types of methods. The method that you use is mainly based on how you plan to use it after you freeze them. Look into the best ways to freeze the yogurt easily.

Store it in the Original Container

Storing yogurt directly with the original containers is a very easy method. But it will make sense when you keep the original container for single serving containers, you cannot use this approach for large tubs. And also you need to keep in mind that when yogurt is kept in the freezer it will expand, so there is a chance of seal breakage. So, keep the container in a freezer bag to avoid freezer smells.

Store in the Ice cube Tray

if you have any leftover yogurt or you want to store yogurt for a long, just pour it into the ice cube tray and then freeze it. After the cubes are frozen you can change them into freezer-safe bags. These will be useful for smoothie makings.

Store Yogurt in the Freezer Safe Container

You can also use freezer-safe containers to separately store the yogurt and how much quantity you use for a single time. So you can thaw the quantity you need and there will be no wastage. This method will mostly useful for fruit yogurt as you mix with fruit puree and store it in plastic freezer-safe tubes.

Store it in Scoops

You can use a cookie scoop to put yogurt onto a tray or pan with a lined baking sheet. You need to freeze it until it is firm or solid. Then finally you can transfer those frozen scoops into a freezer bag.

Can You Freeze Yogurt

Can You Freeze Yogurt 1

Toned Milk Curd Ingredients:
Homogenized Pasteurized Toned Milk, Milk Solids & Active Culture

Nutritional Information
Serving Size: 15g per serve
The pack contains 67 serves

Nutrients Per 100 g* % RDA per serve#
Energy 60.6 kcal 0.5%
Protein 3.2 g 0.9%
Carbohydrate 5.2 g
Total Sugars 5.2 g
Added Sugars 0 g 0%
Total Fat 3 g 0.7%
Saturated Fat 2.4 g 1.6%
Trans Fat Below 0.05 g 0%
Cholesterol 6.4 mg
Sodium 32.5 mg 0.2%

Food Allergen: Contains Milk

*Approximate Values
#RDA calculation is on the basis of 2000kcal energy for an average adult per day

How Long Does Yogurt Last in the Freezer?

You can freeze yogurt in any method for up to 2 months whether you can freeze it in its own container or ice cube tray, or in a zip lock bag. When you remove yogurt from the freezer after some time there will be a change in the texture and taste. If you do not like to eat yogurt normally you can use it for baking and cooking as we have endless possibilities with yogurt. If you store yogurt for more than six to eight-week storage you can get icicles and freezer burn.

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Can You Freeze Yogurt

How to Thaw Frozen Yogurt?

You can thaw yogurt in different types like you can thaw it by placing it on the countertop of the kitchen or you can transfer the yogurt from the freezer to the refrigerator. But thawing it in the refrigerator is the best suitable one. Because when you place the yogurt from the freezer to the refrigerator it will stay safe without causing any bacteria from thriving. If you are keeping it on the countertop you need to remove it 2 hours before using it. If you are changing it to the refrigerator you need to keep it the night before you use it.

Can you Freeze Yogurt Parfaits?

You can freeze yogurt parfaits if you like to freeze them but there is no compulsory to freezing them. As we make them jelly jars you can seal them before placing them into a container. And also you need to keep more place as yogurt expands when it is in the freezer. And if you like to add some granola you need to add it only after thawing.

Can you Freeze Yogurt to Make Froyo?

Sure, you can make freeze yogurt to make froyo just by adding some additional ingredients and some processing helps you to make ice cream like dessert. But the processing that you need to do is not difficult, it can be easily done by using the blender. Just you can combine the yogurt, any type of frozen fruit, honey, and any seasonings that you like and then blend it well.

Some Useful Information About Freezing Yogurt

Here we are going to provide you with some useful tips as you need to know if you are freezing the yogurt.

  • You always need to remember that freezing in the refrigerator is always the best option.
  • After thawing the yogurt always need to stir before eating.
  • Always freeze the yogurt in small containers so you can thaw yogurt, how much you need.
  • And always use less quantity of yogurt in containers as the yogurt will expand when you freeze it.
  • Use the containers which you can seal tightly so that yogurt will not absorb any odors from the freezer.

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FAQs on Does Yogurt Go Bad After Freezing

1. How to use frozen yogurt?

We have many ways to use frozen yogurt, after freezing the yogurt it will be more tart, so everyone cannot eat that normally. If you don’t like to eat normally use it in savory dishes, baking goods, dips and spreads, and many more.

2. Can you freeze greek yogurt?

yes, you can freeze greek yogurt as it has a thicker consistency and it has different features from regular plain yogurt.

3. Can frozen yogurt good for babies?

yes, you can freeze yogurt for babies. As it will not do any harm, as long as you do not keep the food in the freezer for more than 2 months.

Key Takeaways

We hope that the information that was given above on can you freeze yogurt had shed some light on you. As yogurt is a dairy product that can be used daily and it is very popular and tasty. Frozen yogurt will be used mostly for cooking and baking. Share the information with your friends if you think it is useful. Stay connected with our site  for the latest updates.

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