Can You Freeze Shortening? – Methods For Freezing Shortening – How Long Frozen Shortening Last?

Can You Freeze Shortening?: One of the staple ingredients in the kitchen that is used for baking and cooking is Shortening. You can prepare various healthy and less fatty dishes with shortening. If you have a party at home and wanted to bake some cookies or pastries for serving then buying a huge batch of shortening is required.

In case you are left with a large portion then store it properly for your next usage. Wondering how to store shortening fresh up in the freezer to its shelf life? Look at this guide for sure and get all the details in no time. If you want to switch shortening with alternatives for your baked goods then look at this guide ie., what can you substitute for shortening?

Can You Freeze Shortening

Can You Freeze Shortening?

Yes, shortening can be frozen safely for up to its lifetime. Every ingredient related to food can be frozen at times to store it fresh for the long run. In case, you follow all the instructions covered here related to freezing shortening then you can surely freeze and use it more times. Shortening can be available in sticks or cans.

In both ways, you can freeze and save them for future purposes. If you are a shortening lover then freeze it in small portions and enjoy every baked goods or recipe that are prepared using shortening. So, let’s see the below modules and perform the freezing process of shortening.

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How To Freeze Shortening?

There is a major point to be known while freezing the shortening ingredient ie., its weight or amount you prefer to use in most of the recipes. According to that you can easily store the shortening in the freezer and use it easily whenever required.

Hence, we recommend you all refer to the recipes of the common dishes you prepare with shortening and then decide the method for freezing it. If you use traditional shortening types like lard then also you can follow these methods and freeze properly.

Basically, shortening can be frozen in containers and in freezer bags too so we have explained the two ways individually for your convenience. Go and check out the method that you want to use for your shortening.

Steps on Freezing Shortening using Containers

Shortening comes in cans or plastic jars or in form of sticks wrapped in paper. You can take out the required amount of shortening separately and store it in the selected-sized containers to save it for later use. The following steps speak about how to freeze shortening in containers. So, please have a look at them:

  • Firstly, decide the portion that is required to store the leftover shortening.
  • Later, you have to manage the airtight containers with lids as per the portion and start keeping the portioned shortening in those containers.
  • Leave the head space about an inch and cover it with the lid tightly to prevent air exposure.
  • Once done with the packaging, surely mark the date and name of the food on the container for identification in the coming days.
  • At last, the shortening is ready to go into the freezer and get frozen.

Process On How To Freeze Shortening In Freezer Bags?

This method is very helpful to those people who want to use less space and expenses on freezing. Hence, we have come up with the alternative yet the best way to freeze shortening ie., using freezer bags which are super affordable. Refer to the below steps and implement them while freezing the lard shortening or vegetable-based shortening.

  • Initially, make sure to check that the shortening is in a solid state or not. If not, then prepare it to be in solid form.
  • When it forms into a solid state then shortening can be easily shaped into sticks or small chunks as per your required portion.
  • Now, take each portioned shortening chunk together and wrap it in cling film using two layers for extra protection.
  • Complete wrapping all the portions like the above step and place them in a baking tray to go for flash freezing. Keep the tray in the freezer for some time or till it gets solidified.
  • Once it’s done, shift all the solid shortening portions into the freezer bags and label the date on them.
  • Finally, toss the shortening freezer bags in the freezer to store for a long time.

The biggest advantage of this method is that you can take the required amount of shortening and use it for your recipes without thawing the rest of the portions.

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Important Hints To Follow While Freezing Shortening

In order to receive amazing results after freezing your leftover or freshly bought shortening then following these tips is a must:

  • Freezing the small portioned or required portioned shortening is the best way to save the rest of the shortening from thawing.
  • Always remember to portion it in a solid state for cutting the required part without any mess and store it for daily usage.
  • Try to mark the date and portion details like the size or weight of the shortening on the used things either bags or containers to use them properly.

How Do You Defrost Frozen Shortening?

Defrosting the frozen shortening is very simple all you have to do is leave it out on a clean plate for some time. Place the plate near the stove and thaw your shortening super quickly. In case, you have enough time to thaw it. Then follow this point:

  • The best way to defrost frozen shortening is to transfer the plate of frozen shortening from the freezer to the fridge rack for a few hours or until it melts properly.

Can You Refreeze Shortening?

Strictly we don’t suggest plenty of food items to refreeze due to protect people from some illnesses and save their lives. So, refreezing shortening is a big No because it can easily spoil and unfortunately, it can also make you ill.

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Does Shortening Freeze Well?

Yes, it freezes perfectly well! The usage of shortening is done mostly in baked goods like pastries but you will not see any kind of shortening taste or solid texture in the end product.

FAQs On Can You Freeze Crisco Shortening?

1. How Long Can Frozen Shortening Last in the freezer?

Frozen shortening can last in the freezer with the best taste and texture for approx one year. Later on, it starts spoiling its flavor.

2. How Long Does Shortening Last In The Fridge?

You can store shortening in the fridge safely for approximately 6 months.

3. Can You Freeze Pastry Made With Shortening?

Yes, you can freeze it. But, you should expect to lose some of this flaky quality. You will notice a change in texture when frozen – and not in a good way!

4. How Long Can You Keep Shortening After Opening?

After opening shortening, you can store it for 3 months at room temperature for the best quality.

Key Takeaways

We hope the data shared in this article have cleared all your doubts regarding whether can you freeze shortening. Freezing according to proper guidelines can be really fun. So experiment with making your new pastry recipes with shortening without being worried about its freezing. Do connect with us for more amazing bakery-related freezing tips and techniques.

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