Can You Freeze Kedgeree? – Exploring the Freezing Potential of Kedgeree: Tips and Tricks

Can You Freeze Kedgeree?: Kedgeree is a wholesome meal that is very popular in breakfast for many households. This delicious recipe is traditionally made using boneless fish fillets and eggs. This dish is the replica of “Khichdi” in North India, which was modified and given a name by the British as “Kedgeree.”

Even though fish dishes are not considered a part of breakfast dishes, this particular dish is wholesome due to this reason. If you are already late for your breakfast and want to prepare a meal that can serve as brunch, Kedgeree is the best option to try out. Let us understand if it is possible for you to freeze Kedgeree for months.

Can You Freeze Kedgeree

Can You Freeze Kedgeree?

Yes, you can freeze Kedgeree for three months. The process involved in freezing Kedgeree is simple and quick. You do not have to waste much of your time during the freezing process. But, once you are done with the freezing process, you are all ready to serve Kedgeree anytime for your family and friends. All you have to do is to reheat the frozen Kedgeree and serve it hot.

How to Freeze Kedgeree?

For freezing Kedgeree, you have to choose a recipe with all your favorite ingredients and cook a handsome portion. Once you are done with cooking the recipe, you can set it at room temperature before putting the portions in the freezer. Let us check out in detail the complete process for freezing Kedgeree.

  • The traditional recipe is made of fresh cuts along with lentils and rice and some of the species. However, you can always add some additional flavors to your taste buds.
  • Cook the best possible kedgeree recipe and then move to the next step of the freezing process.
  • After cooking the recipe, you can allow the cooked Kedgeree to cool down at room temperature for some minutes.
  • Once the cooling process is completely done, you can now portion up the cooked Kedgeree for further steps.
  • This step is helpful in the process of freezing Kedgeree because you may not want a handsome portion for a single time. So, it is important that you decide on which portion you will need for once.
  • You can take medium size freezer bags for the freezing process. This step will help gradually in preventing the wastage of food and also the chance of freezing the leftovers more than once.
  • Use freezer-friendly bags for putting the portions of cooked and cooled Kedgeree. After placing the kedgeree portions in the bags, make sure you use a vacuum or do it manually to squeeze out all the extra air from the bags.
  • Extra air and moisture inside the bags will form ice crystals and can lead to freezer burn issues.
  • The labeling is important because you can use the label for later purposes to track the time and date on which you have frozen the portion.
  • Try to keep an eye on the label so that you can make sure you use up all the frozen Kedgeree within three months. Use a good quality pen or marker to write the label so that after freezing also, the markings remain intact.

Tips for Freezing Kedgeree

Tips related to freezing Kedgeree always help in making better-frozen recipes. Here are the tips to be followed for freezing Kedgeree:

  • You can always choose to use sealed containers for freezing Kedgeree, but it is always better to use freezer-safe bags so that you have enough space in the freezer to place other things.
  • Make sure you buy thick bags for the freezing process. It is because due to the formation of ice crystals outside the bag, the bag can tear apart. So, the usage of thicker bags helps in preventing such issues. If the bags split apart, there can be a mess in the freezer, and the smell of Kedgeree will spread to other food items. Therefore, take important note of this point.
  • Separate the whole cooked portion of Kedgeree into small portions. It is an important tip to consider because that will help in preventing wastage. Moreover, you may not want to refreeze the leftovers, so it is better to make small portions right in the beginning.
  • Make sure you cool down the recipe after cooking but also do not let the cooked Kedgeree be at room temperature for longer hours. Once the recipe is done, you need to quickly put it in the freezer.

These are some of the significant tips that you need to take note of for freezing the Kedgeree well.

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How Long Can You Freeze Kedgeree?

You can freeze Kedgeree for three months in the freezer, all fresh and ready to eat in no time.

Rice is the key ingredient in the recipe which is quite tricky for the freezing process. It is because of the bacterial component that the rice contains. Due to this reason, it will be a good choice to use up all the frozen portions of the Kedgeree within the time period.

How to Thaw Frozen Kedgeree?

Thawing for frozen Kedgeree is a little complex because you have understood the below points.

  • Due to the rice component in the recipe, you should not thaw the frozen Kedgeree at room temperature. If you do so, there will automatically be bacterial growth, and your defrost Kedgeree will no longer be safe for consumption.
  • So, to do it in the best possible way, you can always choose to take out the frozen Kedgeree from the freezer and thaw it in the fridge itself. Once the defrosting part is done and the ice crystals are melted, you can reheat the portion in a pan or microwave and serve it hot.
  • Make sure that you are speeding up the thawing process by switching the fridge temperature to low. This can also cause bacterial growth and make the thawing process ugly. Therefore, take enough time like you can take out the frozen Kedgeree from the freezer a night before you want to use it up.

How do you Reheat Kedgeree?

After thawing the kedgeree, you can choose to reheat the portion in the microwave for some minutes till the kedgeree is soft enough for serving hot. You can also choose to reheat it on a pan on the gas stove. Choose any of the convenient ways of reheating.

Is it Possible to Freeze Kedgeree Twice?

No, you should never try to freeze thawed Kedgeree more than once. It is again due to the threat of bacterial growth in the rice. The more you freeze, the more bacterial growth chances in the rice. So, it is always suggested to thaw it once.

To ensure that there is no waste of leftovers, you can also choose to keep the leftovers in the fridge and use them within a short period. Moreover, to ensure wastage, make sure you follow the portion out tip mentioned above.

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What are the Benefits of Freezing Kedgeree?

Kedgeree contains rice, lentils, species, fish, and eggs all in one recipe. Therefore, this recipe is healthy due to the protein and carbs in it. This is the reason people call it a wholesome meal for any occasion, especially at breakfast or brunch timings. Here are the advantages of freezing Kedgeree:

  • Freezing Kedgeree helps in saving you time in cooking the entire recipe altogether. You do not have to go to the market every time to buy fresh fish for the recipe. Even though making fresh ones is always a boon, in a busy schedule, frozen Kedgeree is also a boon.
  • Freezing Kedgeree by yourself ensures that the frozen product is free from preservatives and there will be no smell of preservatives in it. The ones that you buy from the supermarket often include a strong smell due to preservatives.
  • Also, freezing keeps the Kedgeree fresh for three months, and no other preservation method can do well than freezing. So, why not choose freezing overall?

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FAQs On Can I Freeze Kedgeree?

1. How long can you use Kedgeree kept in the fridge?

For a maximum period of 2 to 3 days, you can use up the Kedgeree kept in the fridge. After these days, make sure you do not consume the leftovers because there will surely be bacterial growth in the rice.

2. Is it possible to consume Kedgeree as cold?

Usually, people prefer eating Kedgeree as it is hot, so people reheat the frozen ones. However, some individuals also choose to consume it cold.

3. Does freezing affect the nutrition of Kedgeree?

If you use up the frozen Kedgeree within three months, there is no change in taste and texture, including nutrient composition. After this time period, there are chances that the taste and nutrient level will diminish as compared to fresh Kedgeree.


The article covers the complete process of Can You Freeze Kedgeree. Freezing Kedgeree is helpful because you can serve this wholesome meal in no time with frozen potions. Otherwise, you will have to consider a lot of time preparing the recipe.

Follow the tips mentioned above to get the best results in freezing Kedgeree. If you want to know more about freezer-friendly recipes and other ways of preservation methods, please go and visit our official website.

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