Can You Freeze Iced Cookies? – How To Freeze Iced Cookies? – Can You Refreeze Iced Cookies?

Can you Freeze Iced Cookies? Here we are again diving into a topic that’s sure to bring some chills (literally). We’ve all experienced the joy of biting into a freshly baked, perfectly frosted cookie and reveling in its sweetness. But what do you do when you have excess cookies and need to put some away? Can you freeze iced cookies?

It’s a question that’s sure to spark some debate and leave us all wondering if our beloved cookies will survive the freezing process. But fear not because we’re here to explore this topic in-depth and hopefully provide answers that will satisfy your taste buds and your curiosity.

So grab a glass of milk, get comfy, and let’s talk about cookies!

Can you Freeze Iced Cookies

Can you Freeze Iced Cookies?

Yes, iced cookies can be frozen. It really is about knowing the appropriate techniques and using extreme caution and precision. But, you do need to take a few things into consideration.

Firstly, cookies with a glaze or icing made with confectioner’s sugar, milk, and flavoring freeze well. Nevertheless, if your frosting is composed of cream cheese, buttercream, or egg whites, it may not freeze efficiently.

How to Freeze Iced Cookies?

Freezing iced cookies to preserve them for later is a good idea. However, it’s important to note that fondant icing doesn’t fare well in the freezer. It can become damp and lose its texture, which could ruin the cookie’s shape.

That said, here is your step-by-step guide to freezing iced cookies:

  • Allow the cookies to cool completely before you start icing them. This will prevent any moisture from getting trapped in the icing.
  • Once the cookies are completely cooled, apply the icing. Make sure the icing is dry and set before proceeding to the next step.
  • As a next step, carefully line the cookies on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Ensure that the cookies are not touching since this will prevent them from adhering.
  • Place the baking sheet in the freezer for flash freezing; keep it for 1- 2hrs. This will help them hold their shape and prevent smudging or damage to the icing.
  • Once the cookies are frozen, place them in freezer-safe bags to store them individually, ensuring the tops are packed tightly to prevent freezer burn.
  • Following that, transfer the iced cookies to an airtight container for extra precautions.
  • Label the container and pop it in the freezer.

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Can You Freeze Iced Cookies

Can You Freeze Iced Cookies 1

Refined Wheat Flour (Maida), Wheat Flour (Atta) (20%), Refined Palm Oil, Sugar, Wheat Bran (4.7%) Liquid Glucose, Milk Solids, Maltodextrin, Raising Agents [503(ii) & 500(ii)], Iodised Salt, Emulsifiers [322(i), 471 & 472e], Malt Extract, Nature Identical & Artificial (Vanillin) Flavouring Substances and Dough Conditioner (223).
(Numbers in Brackets as per International Numbering System)
Contains Wheat, Milk, Soya, Barley, and Sulphite.

Nutrition Information
Serving Size: Approx. 17 g (approx. 2 biscuits)
No. of Servings per pack: About 60

Approx. Values per 100 g Per Serve (%) RDA
Energy 485 kcal 4
Protein 8.6 g
Carbohydrate 68.4 g
of which Total Sugars 14.4 g
Added Sugars 12.7 g 4
Dietary Fibre 6 g
Total Fat 21 g 5
Saturated Fatty Acids 10.2 g 8
Monounsaturated Fatty Acids 8 g
Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids 2.4 g
Trans Fatty Acids 0 g 0
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 463 mg 4

Guideline Daily Amount of an average adult (based on a 2000 kcal diet)

How Long Can You Freeze Iced Cookies?

If you freeze your iced cookies carefully using the before-mentioned tips and tricks, they’ll stay fresh for 3 to 6 months. You could keep them for longer, but to make sure they taste great when you defrost and munch on them, it’s best to stick to that timeframe

Moreover, you must ensure that the cookies are thoroughly cooled before freezing them; otherwise, moisture may cause the cookies to become mushy.

Some Tips for Freezing Iced Cookies

Here are some tips for freezing iced cookies; I hope these tips help you freeze your iced cookies with success!

  • When freezing iced cookies, using air-tight containers provides extra protection and prevents freezer burn and moisture from affecting the icing.
  • If you want your cookies to turn out perfectly, giving them plenty of time to dry out is best. I recommend leaving them overnight so that the royal icing has enough time to fully set and become hard.
  • Refresh the icing: If the icing looks dull or dry after freezing, refresh it by lightly misting the cookies with a little water or lemon juice. This will prove handy in giving the cookies a fresh, glossy look and make them look just as good as when they were freshly baked.

How Do You Defrost Iced Cookies?

Ah, defrosting iced cookies -Fortunately, defrosting and thawing them is a pretty straightforward process! Simply transfer the iced cookies from your freeze and lay them on a platter. Next, let these mouth-watering delicacies sit at room temperature for a few hours until they have defrosted. Easy peasy!

Besides that, if you wish you can also choose to keep your delightful cookies in their freezer bags or take them out on a plate. Nonetheless, it’s crucial not to put them back in the freezer. The moisture can mess with the texture and make them turn soft or even soggy – you definitely don’t want that!

Can You Refreeze Iced Cookies?

No, we do not recommend freezing cookies. Because of some temperature fluctuations, can affect the texture of cookies, making them soft and less desirable. Similarly, thawing and refreezing icing can cause the colors to bleed, ruining the overall appearance and aesthetic of the cookies.

So, it’s best to handle these treats with care to ensure that they maintain their quality and look as good as they taste!

Do Iced Cookies Freeze Well?

Yes, iced cookies do freeze well. In fact, I’m happy to share that if you have iced cookies and extra freezer space, you can freeze them and maintain their beautiful patterns and decorations. This trick especially comes in handy when you’re planning a party and want to get all your baking done ahead of time.

Obviously, it is advisable to always check the recipe to see if the ingredients will allow the cookies to freeze well, especially if they have frosting. But with enough freezer bags, you can have a batch of delicious cookies ready to go whenever you need them!

FAQs on Can you Freeze Iced Cookies

1. Can You Freeze Cookies with Edible Decorations?

Yes, you can freeze cookies with edible decorations, but it’s best to add the decorations after thawing the cookies. The decorations may become damaged or discolored during the freezing and thawing process.

2. Can You freeze gluten-free cookies with icing?

Yes, you can freeze gluten-free cookies with icing. Just make sure that the icing is completely dry and hardened before you freeze the cookies. Additionally, you may wrap them separately in cling films or freezer bags to keep them from clumping together.

3. How Long Do Sugar Cookies Last in the Fridge?

Your sugar cookies will stay fresh in the fridge for a week, but they’re tastiest within three days because the icing might start to bleed. Furthermore, to avoid absorbing moisture or odors from other foods, make sure to seal them properly.

4. Can you freeze sugar cookies with royal icing?

Yes, you can freeze sugar cookies with royal icing. Just make sure that the icing is completely dry and hardened before you freeze the cookies. In order to avoid cookies from sticking together, you may also spread a piece of parchment paper between each biscuit.

5. Can you freeze fondant cookies?

Freezing cookies made with fondant is not a good idea. This is due to the fact that freezing fondant may alter its consistency and texture.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, folks! freezing iced cookies can be your go-to option for preserving these sweet treats for later. And remember, the next time someone asks you, Can you freeze iced cookies? you can confidently answer- Yes, you can! And I know a few tricks to ensure they turn out perfectly.  Happy baking (and freezing), everyone!

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