Can You Freeze Goat Cheese? – A Complete Guide on Freezing Goat Cheese

Can You Freeze Goat Cheese?: Goat Cheese is the most unique flavored cheese and it has a very sharp flavor and is an amicable fusion in many dishes. If you love enjoying the different cheese in recipes for unique taste then goat cheese is the best option.

Have you bought the goat cheese in huge quantities at the sale? Later you realize that you don’t know about the storage of leftover goat cheese. Don’t worry! we are here with this quick guide that talks about can freeze goat cheese to extend its shelf life or to have the best textured and flavored cheese after thawing.

Let’s read the complete guide and explore details like how freezing goat cheese will work and how to do it properly, how long it stays fresh in the freezer, etc.

Can You Freeze Goat Cheese

Can You Freeze Goat Cheese?

Yes, you can absolutely freeze goat cheese in both log and spreadable varieties. freezing the chevre cheese is the best option to store for a long time. Actually, it needs to be preserved in cool conditions like a refrigerator or freezer so that it can become chalky and hard with age.

Whenever you bought goat cheese and planning to store it then wrap it properly before you freeze it and if possible label the date on it. If you want to taste the best flavor of goat cheese then thaw it properly and make use of it within the first few months. Wondering how long goat cheese be frozen? check the below modules.

How Long Can Goat Cheese Keep In The Freezer?

You can keep the goat cheese for about 6 months after proper sealing inside the freezer bags. After 6 months, it may fade its best quality, texture, and taste too. So, make use of your frozen goat cheese within 6 months and enjoy the better and fresh quality you feel with the original fresh goat cheese.

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How To Freeze Goat Cheese Blocks or Logs?

Goat Cheese Logs can be frozen traditionally. After thawing the frozen goat cheese log, the outside part may turn a bit mushy whereas the inner part gets crumbly a bit but it won’t switch its quality and flavor. You can use these goat cheese blocks perfectly in recipes or for crumbling over burgers or salads.

Before freezing the traditional goat cheese log make sure to decide whether you want to use the complete block at once or want to freeze it in smaller portions. After deciding what to do, just proceed with the following steps and freeze your goat cheese log properly:

  • The first step is to make the block into small chunks for easy use it in recipes.
  • Now, start wrapping each piece of the cheese tightly using the cheese wrapping paper.
  • Once you’re done wrapping the cheese properly, place them in sealable freezer bags or a plastic bag,s or zip bag.
  • Remove the oxygen in the bag using a vacuum sealer and seal it tightly.
  • Make a note of the date when you keep it in the freezer to track the quality of the cheese and the expiry date too.

How To Freeze Spreadable Goat Cheese?

Freezing the spreadable goat cheese is so simple compared to logs because it has a soft texture. You can freeze it properly by following the steps mentioned below:

  • When it is opened, you can freeze the leftover goat cheese directly in the original container using the plastic wrap on top of the spread.
  • After that, keep the lid of the container on top and seal it tightly. So you can help it from being freezer burn.
  • Remember or label the time and date on the top and preserve it in the freezer.

How To Thaw Solid & Spreadable Goat Cheese?

Whenever you need to use goat cheese after being frozen, you have to thaw it properly and get it into its original texture before using it in recipes. Thawing or defrosting the goat cheese can be done in two ways as it holds two types ie., solid goat cheese and spreadable goat cheese. So, considering which type of cheese you need to thaw is very important.

Here we have discussed the process of defrosting both types of goat cheese. Let’s have a look at the below procedure.

Thawing Goat Cheese Block or Logs:

  • Initially, measure the required amount of goat cheese you want and transfer it from the freezer to the fridge overnight or more than that.
  • If you feel the given time for thawing is sufficient then unwrap the cheese and use it directly how you want as toppings or in recipes.

Thawing Spreadable Goat Cheese:

  • In the first step, you have to place the frozen cheese in the refrigerator for several hours or overnight.
  • In the second step, means after thawing open the lid of the container and remove the plastic wrap. Now, give it a nice stir to return back to its actual creamy consistency then it is good to go.

For quick usage of frozen goat cheese, the best option for thawing or defrosting it is microwaving. Just microwaving the goat cheese for about 10 seconds is enough to enjoy the best quality and tasty cheese in recipes. If you microwave it for a longer time, it starts melting and won’t hold its original texture anymore.

Always remember not to thaw the goat cheese at room temperature because it can easily turn watery, lose texture, facilitate bacteria, or grows mold.

Can You Freeze Goat Cheese

Tips on Can You Freeze Goat Cheese Tarts or Crumbles?

The following points are the bonus tips to freeze goat cheese properly:

  • Make sure the goat cheese is in good condition or not before freezing.
  • Check for any spoialge signs like mold, watery, discoloration, and unpleasant odor. If found any just discard the goat cheese immediately.
  • Don’t leave any gap in the goat cheese spreadable container. If you see any gaps try to fill them by adding extra olive oil and prevent air from entering.
  • An important tip is to avoid refreezing the goat cheese after defrosting as it will no more hold the original texture and flavor.

FAQs on How To Preserve Goat or Chevre Cheese in the Freezer?

1. Does Goat Cheese Freeze Well?

Yes, goat cheese freezes well and it doesn’t impact the flavor and texture after thawing. Also, it is the best option to extend its shelf life.

2. What can I do with a lot of goat cheese?

You can do a lot more with goat cheese like using it in grain bowls, cheeseballs, pizza toppings, tarts, salads, sandwiches, marinating it in herbs, crostini, etc.

3. Can you melt goat cheese after frozen?

Yes, you can melt frozen goat cheese for preparing dippings. The easiest method to get goat cheese melted and creamy is heating with required ingredients like parmesan cheese and milk. These two ingredients will help goat cheese mix well and turns into perfect texture.

4. How do you defrost frozen goat cheese?

Frozen goat/chevre cheese can be defrosted easily by keeping it in the fridge overnight or till it becomes soft. Once it softens give it a nice stir to regain the creamy of the cheese with better quality.

Key Takeaways

We hope the given data with regards to whether can you freeze goat cheese helped you a lot in freezing and thawing. If you require some other information on the same or other cheeses then make sure to visit the dairy category page on and refer to the article you are looking for.

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