Can You Freeze Fresh Chillies? – How to Freeze Green Chillies?

Can You Freeze Fresh Chillies?: Do you love spicy things, which is why you have stuck-up chillies in bulk? Well, now you must be overburdened with the fear that it will be spoiled or it’ll stay in good condition.

Well, if you are just unknown of Can You Freeze Fresh Chillies, whether they can be preserved or not, and if they can be preserved, what will be the procedure? We are going to help you with everything in this blog today.

As chillies have a very short shelf life, the below-mentioned ways would help you enhance their shelf life and preserve them for longer. You can make use of the chillies as and when you need them. We bet they will be no less than fresh chillies for you.

can you freeze fresh chillies

Can You Freeze Fresh Chillies?

Yes, you can freeze chillies. People usually freeze chillies when they have plenty of them or when they have bought them in bulk. Those who love spice in their food and are fond of it usually add chillies to their food. Chillies add up the flavor in the dish and make it taste much yummier.

Many of you might wonder if freezing chillies is quite tedious; no, It’s not. Preserving and freezing chillies is subtle.

You can either freeze them, or you can even dice them before freezing. Along with this, also know the answer to Can you Freeze Stuffed Peppers?

How to Freeze Fresh Chillies?

Chillies are not just good in taste, but they are even beneficial for your health too. Eating chillies would keep you in good health and enable you to save a lot on your medical bills.

To be very specific, chillies help improve your digestive system and ensure a lower blood sugar level in the body. It would reduce the chances of you growing up with cancer in your body.

Now, are you realizing that you should not let even a minute chillie go to waste? Well, here are some of the ultimate ways to preserve them the right way:

  • Ice Cubed Chillies

Well, one method of freezing chillies is to lay them in an ice cube tray after successfully chopping them into small dice. Once you store the chillies in the ice tray, you can fill them with water.

You can then leave it to freeze. If you want to use them, you can pop a few chillies as per your requirement. You can even add them directly to your cooking.

  • Whole Chillies

Another way of preserving chillies is by freezing them simply by putting them in plastic containers or storage bags.

But before you begin the storage process, make sure that the chillies are completely dry so they can be reduced from being iced up. Also, clean the chilies before storing them.

Isn’t it just so easy?

How Long Can You Freeze Fresh Chilies?

So, now as you are aware that you can freeze chillies, it’s time to know how long you can keep them frozen. Well, once you freeze chillies, it’s better to consume them within a time frame of 6 months so that it does not get rotten or spoiled.

If you continue to store these frozen chillies for longer, they might lose their quality and they won’t taste the way they should. So, consume them within 6 months to avoid the chillies suffering from a freezer burn.

How To Defrost Frozen Chillies?

It is quite easy to unfreeze the chillies. Just as simple as it is with the meat defrosting. But there are several methods, so you can choose the one that looks the best.

Discover the methods below:

  • Water Bath Thawing

It is the easiest method of defrosting chillies. In this method, you must fill your basin or a container with cold water and put the entire sealed packet of chillies in it. You can leave it for a few hours and later stir them. Turn the packet over once or twice for quick defrosting. We recommend you use only cold water and not warm or hot water. It is because if you use very warm water, the outer layering of the chilli packet would also begin to defrost. It can lead to bacterial growth.

  • Microwave

A microwave would be the best option for those who do not have the whole night to wait for the unfreezing process. However, we would not recommend it first-hand as it might lead to uneven freezing or overcooked edges.

Can You Refreeze Fresh Chillies?

Yes, you can undoubtedly refreeze them in the refrigerator. But you need to keep a few things in mind. As you refreeze chillies, they will lose their original crunchiness after being frozen.

Furthermore, you can even witness the color change of chillies in most cases. But as long as you are okay with all these things, you are free to go and refreeze the chillies for future use.

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Do Chillies Freeze Well?

Yes, frozen chillies last well for six months in a freezer. However, keeping hygiene and sanitation in mind, we would recommend using them within the first 3 months. Well, in the case of fresh fruits and vegetables, it’s better to consume them within 3 months but as soon as the chillies are concerned, you can consume them within 6 months and not beyond that.

FAQs on Can you freeze fresh chillies

1. Can you put fresh chilli in the freezer?

Yes, freezing is the best way to preserve chillies. You can either lay them on a freezing tray or pop them into a sealed bag or container, keeping them preserved for many days.

2. Do chillies get hotter when frozen?

Chillies contain capsaicin which is insoluble in water. Hence, when you freeze chillies, the capsaicin present in them will become concentrated which means when you consume them, it will be much hotter than it was before you froze them. So, yes, frozen chillies indeed become hotter.

3. Can I freeze chillies in a ziplock?

Yes, of course. You can simply put the chillies either in airtight containers or ziplock bags and freeze them for future use. But make sure that the chillies are entirely dried up before you keep them for freezing. Otherwise, there would be an ice build-up on the chillies which will make them soggy.


So, now that we have reached the end of this blog, we believe that you must have got your answer about “whether you can freeze fresh chillies”.

Well, if you just have to use the chillies while cooking, freezing the unused or leftover chillies would be a brilliant idea but if you are willing to consume them raw, it might concern you as they would lose their crunch after getting frozen. So, do as per your requirement and preferences.

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