Can You Freeze French Beans? – Simple Steps To Freeze French Beans Without Blanching

Can You Freeze French Beans?: French beans can be your go-to food if you want to switch to healthy diet options. The beans are not only rich in vitamins and minerals but also help in weight loss. If you are curious about things like-can you freeze French beans, and how long French beans last after freezing; you are at the right place. Read on to know more about the benefits of French beans and how you can freeze them.

Can You Freeze French Beans

Can You Freeze French Beans?

Yes, you can freeze french beans to use for a long time. Freezing not only improves shelf life but also can enhance the taste of fruits and vegetables when done effectively. It helps organic food products retain moisture for a longer duration which in turn results in a better texture. Combined, these attributes improve the overall flavour of your dishes and let you enjoy your favorite food.

How to Freeze French Beans?

One may think that the process may be complicated and a hassle to get over with. However, it is very easy and you can follow some simple steps to achieve desirable results. The steps have been explained further in detail so that you do not face any hassles while preserving the food. Follow them in the given order for the best results.

  • Cut the Beans

You may wonder why you need to chop the beans before moving on to the next step. This is because keeping the ends intact may impact the shelf life of frozen products. Moreover, trimming also ensures that the beans are fresh and any of them is not stale. This may lead to product spoilage if not taken care of.

Simply remove the ends of the beans. Cut them into small pieces. The size of the trimmings is up to your liking and you can cut them according to your convenience. Do not forget to run them under cold water before doing so.

  • Blanching

For those who do not know, blanching is a process that involves the use of hot water to cook food. You need to add some water to a pan and boil it. Add the French beans and wait for 1-2 minutes. Transfer the beans into cold water, preferably an ice bath, and let them sit for 1-2 minutes. Take them out of the bath.

  • Dry the beans and get rid of the excess water

Make sure to remove the excess water from the beans. You can do this by patting them with towels and spreading them on a plain surface for effective removal of excess moisture.

  • Portion and seal

You need to decide upon a convenient portion size according to the number of beans you wish to freeze. These can be packed into freezer-safe bags and sealed properly. The sealing process must be done carefully to remove any extra air from the bags. If not, the beans may be exposed to freezer burn which will cause the outer layer to dry out due to dehydration and moisture loss.

  • Freeze and use

You are done with the process and can carefully place them in the freezer. These beans can be used for months without problems like rancidity and spoilage due to excess or lack of moisture.

Tips for Freezing French Beans

  • Blanching is a good add-on

Always try to preserve food products after using certain techniques like blanching. If you are curious about whether you can freeze French beans raw, then the answer may not always be a yes. Freezing them raw may affect their shelf life.

  • Avoid clumps

Make sure that you spread them while keeping them in the refrigerator. Keeping them in bundles may cause them to clump together which may become a hassle while cooking them for breakfast recipes.

  • Labeling serves multiple benefits

Try using labels on the bags so that you know how long you can use them without any health risks. Labeling also helps you keep a track of how well the freezing method works and the improvements you can work upon.

  • Remove the stringy fibers

Some varieties may have fibers along their lengths which must be removed. Removing them makes the freezing technique easier and also enhances their taste. Also, the fibers may not be a pleasure to have in your mouth while having breakfast after your yoga sessions.

  • Maintain a good ratio of water and beans while blanching

Around a gallon of water may be required to blanch 0.5 kg of beans. The amounts are variable and may be modified by the user. Furthermore, try not to immerse the beans in water for more than 5 minutes as it may make the beans too soft or clumpy.

How Long Do French Beans Last?

Freezing as a preservation method is known to enhance the shelf life of a variety of food products. Given below is a brief account of how long beans last after different processing methods.

it is important to note that the frozen beans must be consumed within 3 months preferably. This is because the ice formed may often affect the taste. It may seldom cause the French beans to develop a different texture that may not be liked by some people.

Can you Freeze French Beans After Cooking?

As a cook, one always tries to cook dishes that have less preparation time. This may lead you to wonder if you can refrigerate French beans after frying or roasting them. However, this is not recommended because their flavor may start to deteriorate way sooner. Moreover, they may not retain their crispiness and shape if they are cooked prior to keeping them in the freezer.

How to Defrost French Beans?

Some professionals may not recommend using French beans straight out of the freezer. On the other hand, some may suggest saving time and directly putting them into boiling water. While the cooking method is up to you to decide, you need to know that both the above suggestions are correct. You can use either of them while preparing highly nutritious recipes within minutes.

The prior is more applicable when you wish to eat the beans without roasting or pan-frying them. Eating them too cold can cause you to develop throat irritation. Not to mention how you won’t be able to identify their taste as well.

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Can You Refreeze French Beans?

It may often happen that you do not get to use an entire bag of french beans you take out from the freezer. There is nothing to worry about as you can easily refreeze them. However, you must make sure that you do not do this over and over again.

The process when repeated may cause them to deteriorate in the following aspects:

  • Quality
  • Taste
  • Texture
  • Odor
  • Flavor

FAQs on Can You Freeze French Beans

1. Can you freeze French beans without blanching?

French beans can be frozen without blanching. But they won’t last long without undergoing the process. If you intend to use them soon, you can go for them. If not, it is better to soak them in hot water and ice water for around 2-3 minutes.

2. Can you freeze uncooked French beans?

Beans can be refrigerated raw as well as cooked. The prior is preferable because it helps in the retention of nutrients and also helps them retain flavor for a long time. Frying them before freezing may cause them to lose a lot of moisture and hence affect the taste and odor.

3. What is the best way to freeze French beans?

The best way to freeze French beans is to prepare them by blanching. Rinsing them with water prior to chopping them is also important to get rid of any extra impurities like dirt and mud.

4. Can you boil beans instead of blanching them before freezing?

It is always suggested to put beans in ice-cold water after boiling them. Not following this step affects the texture and can also cause dehydration. Hence, blanching the beans is better than only boiling them.


Hope the information provided on our page regarding Can you freeze french beans has been beneficial to you. Always seal the beans in air-tight bags and enjoy crunchy green veggies whenever you want.

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