Can You Freeze Fish Pie? – How To Freeze Fish Pie? – How Long Can You Freeze Fish Pie?

Can You Freeze Fish Pie: Fish pie is one of the most famous delicacies that almost every household enjoys. Filled with nutritional content, fish pies help in keeping one’s immune system boosted while ensuring your taste buds bloom. But the main concern about cooking fish pies is the effort and time that goes into it.

No wonder people opt for baking fish pies in good quantity and storing it well for later sale or self-consumption. The best and most highly recommended way of storing fish pie is in a freezer. This article will answer all your questions related to whether can you freeze the fish pie, how to thaw it and ways of keeping them frozen.

Can You Freeze Fish Pie

Can You Freeze Fish Pie?

Yes, you can freeze fish pie. The process of creating a delicious fish pie is a tedious one which is why people often look for ways to store it safely. Freezing is the best solution for resolving long-term fish pie-storing issues. Instead of having to bake and sell fish pies every day in limited batches, you can choose to store them under extremely low temperatures without having any impact on their flavors or nutrients.

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How to freeze fish pie?

If you are looking for answers on how to freeze the fish pie, then, this article is the one for you. There is nothing known as wasting excess fish pie because you can store them by freezing it. Continue reading below and follow the mentioned steps carefully to freeze fish pie.

  1. Bake your fish pie just how you bake it. You do not need to follow any extra steps in the baking process before you move ahead to freeze it.
  2. Once you get your baked fish pie out of the oven, ensure that it has completely cooled down. It is also advisable that you transfer the fish pie from the oven dish to a proper serving dish to allow faster cooling.
  3. After you have consumed the fish pie, based on the amount left, transfer the remaining into a freezer-friendly container. You must also note that the container should not be stuffed with too much quantity; dividing the pie into portion sizes is always recommended. Freezing the pie into portion sizes will help you unfreeze it easily in the future.
  4. Always be careful that the containers are moisture and air-proof. If it is a container with a lid, leave a little space between the fish pie and the lid for easy freezing.
  5. To help you identify the content of the containers, you can label them with ‘fish pie’ stickers. You can also mention the date on which it was first intended to be frozen.

What containers should you use to freeze fish pie?

Choosing appropriate containers for freezing fish pie is extremely important. Such containers should be freezer-friendly, i.e., be able to keep the food protected under extremely low temperatures and not transfer any toxins to the food.  It is ideal that you freeze fish pies in tupperware or glass containers. You can also go for airtight seal bags.

How long does frozen fish pie last?

Frozen fish pie can stay in the freezer for only around three to three-and-a-half months. Keeping it frozen longer than that will risk its texture and consumption safety.

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Can you freeze fish pie with eggs?

No, freezing fish pie with eggs is not recommended. The taste of eggs can change if kept unconsumed and in the freezer for too long. Still, you can keep fish pie with eggs frozen for only around three to five days.

Ways to unfreeze fish pie

Unfreezing or defrosting fish pie is very easy. Mentioned below are a few ways by which you can unfreeze fish pie.

  1. Unfreezing frozen fish pie in the refrigerator– If you wish to consume fish pie someday, it is recommended that you place the frozen fish pie container in the refrigerator the night before for at least 12-14 hours. Just before heating it, take it out of the refrigerator and place it at room temperature for an hour.
  2. Placing the frozen fish pie container in lukewarm water- Another great method for easy unfreezing of fish pie is by heating water until it is lukewarm. Once it reaches a lukewarm temperature, place the container in the water bowl and cover it with a plate or lid. You must ensure that the water is not too hot, and neither should the container be submerged in the bowl.

Apart from these two methods, you must remember to never place frozen fish pie directly into the microwave or oven. Doing so will prove to cause the texture of the food to go mushy. There is also the chance for the fish pie’s top layer to burn.

What can you eat frozen fish pie with?

Once your frozen fish pie becomes completely thawed, and you have heated it to the usual oven temperature, you can consume it however you want. Ensure that it is steaming hot to enjoy your meal even better. You can add toasted bread or sauteed vegetables as accompaniments to the reheated fish pie.

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FAQs on How To Preserve Fish Pie in the Freezer?

1. Can be frozen fish pie consumed safely? 

Yes, if you store fish pie under the appropriate temperature conditions and containers, consuming frozen fish pie is extremely safe.

2. Can I keep frozen fish pie beyond the recommended period? 

No, for the safety of one’s health, you should not consume frozen fish pie beyond the recommended period.

3. Should fish pie be fully cooked before freezing?

No, it is not necessary to fully cook the fish pie before freezing it. If you want, you can bake the fish pie for around 12-15 minutes in the oven after it gets thawed.

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