Can you Freeze Fillet Steak? – Tips for Freezing Fillet Steak – Can You Refreeze Fillet Steak?

Can you Freeze Fillet Steak?: For those who love a fat-free steak, fillet steak is the way to go. It is one of the most tender and lean meat out there, and it can be cooked to any degree you want such as rare, medium, well-done, and more. If you are a fan of fillet steak, you might be wondering about how to store it in such a way that it lasts longer.

Lucky for you, this article will contain the answers to all your questions. You will find out how to preserve your fillet steak by freezing it, as well as how long you can freeze it. In addition, we will also explain how to defrost it, and whether you can refreeze it. So, stick around till the end to learn some exciting new information.

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Can You Freeze Fillet Steak?

Fillet steak can be frozen for up 3 months if you follow the instructions below and store it safely. If you do not freeze your fillet steak in a proper manner, then it might become spoiled. Now, let us discuss how to freeze fillet steak.

Here Is How You Freeze Fillet Steak.

The process of freezing fillet steak is very easy. We suggest that you freeze your fillet steak before you cook it so you can cook it however you want after you have thawed the meat. Here is what you need to do to freeze your fillet steak.

  • Allow it to cool: If you wish to freeze your cooked fillet steak, let it cool down to room temperature first before freezing it. To do so, simply sit your fillet steak down on a plate and envelope it with a tissue.
  • Wrap in tin foil: Then, wrap the entire piece of fillet steak with tin foil. Make sure that there are no tears in the foil. If there are any rips in the foil, then your fillet steak may go through something known as freezer burn, which will spoil your meat.
  • Pack: Toss your wrapped fillet steak into a freezer-safe bag and push out all the air from inside. Then, seal the bag tightly to make it airtight. This is optional but we suggest that you label the bag with the date so you can determine if it’s safe to consume later on.
  • Freeze: Put your bag into the freezer to freeze. It can stay in there for up to 3 months if you wrap it safely.

Tips and Tricks for Freezing Fillet Steak

Follow the tips below to make your freezing process much easier and more effective!

Cook after freezing

We recommend that you always freeze your fillet steak before cooking. If you do this, then your fillet steak can be cooked perfectly to your preferences after thawing. But if you defrost and reheat cooked fillet steak, there is a high chance that it might lose its taste and texture. Having said that, it is possible to freeze cooked fillet steak. We just think that it will not taste as good.

Immediately freeze

It is important for you to throw your fillet steak into the freezer as soon as you purchase it. This will allow your meat to retain its texture and flavor even after it has been cooked.

Can freeze other steaks

Apart from fillet steak, it is also possible to freeze other cuts of steak such as ribeye, rump, sirloin, etc. The best part is that you can use the exact same steps that we have listed above to freeze these other cuts as well!

How Long Do Fillet Steaks Stay Fresh?

Fillet steak can be frozen for approximately 3 months. Beyond this time period, your fillet steak may lose its texture and taste. The more your filler steak remains in the freezer, the more ice crystals form on your meat. These ice crystals ruin the quality of your filler steak. This is why we advise you to always eat up your filler steak within the 3 months.

The Best Way To Defrost Fillet Steak

To defrost your fillet steak, simply shift it from the freezer to the fridge, and leave it there overnight. Remember to not unwrap it. The fridge will help your filler steak thaw slowly but surely.

Keep in mind that you must not leave your fillet steak out at room temperature to thaw. This will automatically cause the meat to go bad.

In addition, using the microwave to defrost your fillet steak is also a bad idea because it will ruin the texture of the meat.

Do Refer

Can Fillet Steak Be Refrozen?

We advise against refreezing fillet steak because it can impact the quality of the meat and make it worse. So, if you want to get the most out of your fillet steak, we suggest that you eat your frozen filler steak right after it is thawed for the first time.

Interesting Facts About Fillet Steak

  • Fillet steak is the most expensive cut of steak because it has to least amount of fat and it can be cooked to whatever degree you want.
  • Rich in protein, which is essential for maintaining healthy bones, skin, hair, nails, and more.
  • Packed with iron, so it can aid our red blood cells in delivering oxygen to all our cells, and prevent iron deficiency.
  • Contains phosphorus, which is important for healthy teeth and bones.
  • Also has other micronutrients such as creatine, B vitamins, zinc, and more, that play a variety of important functions in our body.

FAQs on Can you Freeze Fillet Steak

1. Does freezing fillet steak ruin it?

Nope! Freezing fillet steak is a really good option for storing it for longer. It will not ruin your fillet steak as long as you wrap it safely.

2. How do you freeze steak without ruining it?

The most important thing to remember is to wrap your fillet steak tightly in tin foil and store it in an airtight freezer-safe bag. This will prevent your fillet steak from spoiling.

3. How long can you keep fillet steak in the freezer?

Your fillet steak will last for up to 3 months in the freezer.

4. How can you unfreeze fillet steak?

Fillet steak can be thawed by moving it from the freezer to the fridge and letting it defrost overnight.


Fillet steak is considered to be a delicacy because of its low-fat content. As you can see, fillet steak can be frozen for up to 3 months in the freezer. As long as you wrap it tightly in tin foil, it will be safe to consume within the first 3 months. But we do not recommend refreezing your fillet steak as this can spoil the meat.

If you wish to learn more about freezing other types of food, we urge you to hop on to for more articles like this one!

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