Can You Freeze Cinnamon Rolls? – How to Freeze Cinnamon Rolls? – Thawing Cinnamon Rolls

Can You Freeze Cinnamon Rolls?:- Let’s say you’re planning a trip somewhere in the upcoming months and you want to store something to eat in advance. Have you ever thought of storing cinnamon for a long time and then using it later? By which you’ll be able to pack them with you on a trip. The answer is yes, you can store it for a long time. But, how is this possible?

In this article, you’ll get some insight into “Can You Freeze Cinnamon Rolls or Not?” and the procedure to freeze them for an extended period with proper precautionary steps. Go ahead with the article to know more…

Can You Freeze Cinnamon Rolls

Can You Freeze Cinnamon Rolls?

Yes, undoubtedly, you can freeze cinnamon rolls, but sometimes it depends on the type of cinnamon roll you’re going to use, whether it’s baked or unbaked. Freezing unbaked cinnamon rolls gives you the best result as compared to baked cinnamon rolls.

Unbaked cinnamon rolls can be frozen for somewhere around 7-8 weeks if proper procedures have been followed. In the next part of the article, we’ve provided you with a simple and effortless procedure to freeze cinnamon rolls and store them for a long time.

What are Cinnamon Rolls and their types?

These are the types of sweet rolls that can be served as a breakfast or snack. These rolls are specially made with dough, cinnamon, sugar, butter, and eggs. For a better taste, you can also add icing on top of them. There are different types of cinnamon, which are gingerbread cinnamon rolls, red velvet cinnamon rolls, and bacon cinnamon rolls. These flavors are filling that is added to the dough while rolling cinnamon rolls.

How To Freeze Cinnamon Rolls?

When we wonder about storing cinnamon rolls, freezing them is the easiest way to store them later. We’ll recommend two different methods of freezing cinnamon rolls: one is freezing unbaked cinnamon rolls, and the other is freezing baked cinnamon rolls.

Let’s begin with the procedure to freeze cinnamon rolls in the most effective way and prevent changes in their texture and quality.

The first method is to freeze the unbaked cinnamon rolls, which is given as follows:

  • Once you’re done with rolling the dough, cut down the desired rolls of cinnamon dough. Arrange the cinnamon rolls in a pan in which you’ll bake the cinnamon rolls later.
  • Now, we’ll wrap the pan with two layers, the first layer will be of plastic wrap, and the second one will be of aluminum foil.
  • Wrap it tight with aluminum foil so that it does not expose itself to the surrounding freezer.
  • Place the pan into the freezer for a short period of time until the cinnamon rolls become lil bit hard.
  • Once they get hard, put them into the freezing bag or in an airtight container and remove excess air present in the bag.
  • In the end, locate a safe place to keep the freezing bag or container in the freezer and keep the bag for a longer period of time.

The second method is to freeze baked cinnamon rolls, which are as follows:

  • Bake the cinnamon rolls as usual and let them cool completely at room temperature.
  • Secondly, wrap them tightly with a plastic cover and aluminum foil.
  • Now, transfer all the baked cinnamon rolls to an airtight container or freezing bag and remove all the possible air from the bag.
  • You can also use a vacuum sealer to seal the freezing bag and prevent its exposure to air.
  • Lastly, keep the freezer bag in a secure place in the freezer.

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Tips & Tricks to Know While Freezing Cinnamon Rolls

So, now we learned about how to freeze cinnamon rolls, let’s get a note about some tips and tricks while freezing cinnamon rolls which will help you to freeze cinnamon rolls for later use in the most productive way.

Keep these points in mind while freezing cinnamon rolls:

  • To extend the shelf life of cinnamon rolls, you can wrap each roll separately in plastic wrap, which will prevent freezer burn and keep them safe.
  • Use a vacuum sealer to remove the excess air present in the freezing bag or container to protect the rolls from oxidizing.
  • Do not put the cinnamon rolls into the freezer, let them get harder in the freezer itself for a while, and then, after wrapping, they’re ready to freeze in the freezer.

Considering these tips while freezing will give you a remarkable result in the texture and quality of the frozen cinnamon rolls. Hence, we suggest you follow these tricks while freezing cinnamon rolls.

How Long Can You Freeze Cinnamon Rolls?

Generally, you can freeze cinnamon rolls for almost 2 months, but cinnamon rolls are made with yeast-risen dough. That’s the reason we don’t encourage you to keep it for a longer time, as its texture and quality may be affected, although the unbaked cinnamon can freeze longer as compared to the baked one.

But still, it is suggested to thaw it within one month of freezing cinnamon rolls. If you follow the proper guidelines provided by us, you can increase its shelf life by 2 months, which will be edible for the consumer.

How to Thaw or Reheat Cinnamon Rolls?

As you’ve successfully done with the freezing of cinnamon rolls, now it’s time to make them ready to serve on the table. Before that, you’ll have to follow some steps to thaw the cinnamon rolls and then reheat them again.

Follow these steps to thaw and reheat cinnamon rolls, which are as follows:

  • Pull out the freezing bag from the freezer and keep it in the refrigerator overnight the day before you want to serve them on the table.
  • While keeping it in the refrigerator, wrap it with a plastic wrapper to prevent freezer burn.
  • On the next day, withdraw them from the refrigerator and place them on the baking pan; bake them if they’re unbaked cinnamon rolls.
  • For the baked cinnamon rolls, reheat them in the oven at 350 degrees F for almost 10 minutes, and then serve them on the table with icing over them.

Do Cinnamon Rolls Freeze Well?

Yes, cinnamon rolls can be frozen well, but it can affect their taste and texture if the proper steps to freeze cinnamon rolls are not followed, which are mentioned above. If you freeze unbaked cinnamon rolls, they’ll freeze well compared to baked cinnamon rolls.

Usually, it’s advised to use frozen cinnamon rolls as soon as possible for fresh taste, flavor, and texture. Exposure to the air can cause cinnamon rolls to spoil very soon. Therefore, the use of an airtight freezing bag or container is mandatory.

Can You Refreeze Cinnamon Rolls?

No, sadly, you can’t refreeze cinnamon rolls. The reason behind this is very simple, cinnamon rolls are made with yeast-leavened dough. So, if you repeatedly freeze it the cinnamon rolls will start to degrade and become soggy, which we don’t want to experience on the table.

Hence, we don’t recommend you refreeze it. The best way is to use it as early as possible to enjoy its freshness and delicious taste.

FAQs on Can You Freeze Cinnamon Rolls

1. Is it possible to freeze cinnamon roll dough?

Yes, obviously you can freeze cinnamon rolls dough without filling in them; just cut them into rolls and wrap them with plastic wrap and aluminum foil. Keep all of them in the freezing bag and locate a secure place in the freezer.

2. Can You Freeze shop-bought Cinnamon rolls?

Yes, as shop-bought cinnamon rolls are preserved rolls that can be stored for a long time. You can freeze them too; all you’ve got to do is wrap them in plastic wrap and aluminum foil and simply keep them in the freezer for later use.

3. What are some alternatives you can use instead of aluminum foil to wrap the cinnamon rolls?

You can use parchment paper to wrap the cinnamon rolls; that can be the best alternative you can use for wrapping them and protecting them from freezer burn.

4. How much time does it take to thaw or defrost cinnamon when you’re in a hurry?

In the above article, we’ve provided you with the best method to thaw cinnamon rolls, but if you don’t have time to keep it in the refrigerator, then keep it thawing at room temperature for 4-5 hours, or you can use a microwave to thaw it quickly.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, freezing cinnamon rolls is the most convenient way to store them for a longer period of time. In the above article, we’ve explained to you every method to freeze them and cleared every doubt regarding the same. I believe you got a clear insight into “Can You Freeze Cinnamon Rolls or Not”.

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