Can You Freeze Cauliflower? – Best Tips To Freeze & Defrost Cauliflower?

Can You Freeze Cauliflower: Did you find a lot of cauliflowers in your garden, and there are plenty even after giving them to your relatives and not knowing how to store them? Then we have the best solution for this problem is to freeze them. It is the best way to avoid food waste.

Almost in every house, there will be a freezer and prepping food for freezing. But most of us don’t know that we can freeze cauliflower and we can use it for a long. In this article, we are going to discuss how to freeze cauliflower, how to defrost it, how to choose and prepare it to freeze, and many more are provided. Start reading the article, if you like to know!!

Can you freeze cauliflower

Can You Freeze Cauliflower?

Yes, you can freeze the cauliflower that makes an incredible addition to your freezer essentials. And by freezing the cauliflower you can make your recipes very easily. And also we have many freezing techniques to freeze the cauliflower. By freezing cauliflower in the right method you can store it for upto 1 year.

Choosing and Preparing the Cauliflower

When you are thinking to freeze the cauliflower, you need to know how to choose the cauliflower, because you cannot use cauliflower which is having black spots or blemishes.

  • So, first, choose the best one without any blemishes or dark spots on the flower.
  • After that, remove the leaves and just cut them into florets and wash the pieces thoroughly to remove dirt by soaking them in salty water, if there are insects they will come out and then wash them neatly.
  • After completion of washing, just keep them on the towel or dry paper to make them dry and choose the freezing method to freeze.

When Should I Freeze Cauliflower?

Most of us will freeze the cauliflower when the flower is ready to go bad and will think that it had gone bad after freezing. But no, you should freeze the cauliflower which you have bought or plucked from your garden, for one week or 21 days.  If you have seen any black spots, or funky smells before you are going to freeze, just discard them they are not useful for using or freezing.

How To Freeze Blanched Cauliflower?

Blanching is the best method to freeze any type of vegetable. It will help you to retain the veggies in the same color, shape, and firmness as a fresh one even after defrosting. And let us look into the step-by-step process of how to freeze and blanch the cauliflower.

  • Take a pot full of water and start boiling them, after it reaches the boiling point add cauliflower florets to the pot and cook them for 3-5 minutes.
  • And also keep another pot with cold water and add ice cubes to it.
  • And not to get overcooked, immediately after removing the florets from boiling water add the florets into the cold water pot with ice cubes.
  • Cool them for 3 minutes and then drain the water.
  • Now, transfer the florets into the colander and make them dry.
  • After some time you can take a paper towel and pat them so that there will no excess water.
  • Then, you need to pre-freeze them for some time by keeping the on a baking tray.
  • And you can make the veggie into portions so that you can easily defrost the amount you need and use them.
  • Then place the portions into a freezer bag or freezer container, squeeze the excess air from the bag and seal the bag.
  • Throw it into the freezer.

How To Freeze Roasted Cauliflower?

Freezing roasted cauliflower will be the best method as it will be delicious and easy to prepare, let us look into the process without wasting time.

  • Wash your cauliflower neatly or drop it in salt water to remove the bugs and then cut them into florets.
  • Preheat the oven to 430 degrees F.
  • Drop the florets on the paper towel to remove the excess water and then put them in a bowl.
  • Now add the spices that you like along with some olive oil.
  • And coat every floret with the spices and then keep them on the cookie sheet with aluminum foil in the bottom.
  • Spread the florets in a single layer and place the cookie sheet in the preheated oven.
  • Now bake the florets for 25 minutes and check that they are cooked well or not before removing them.
  • Remove the sheet and let them cool down and then place them in portions in the freezer bag and place them in the freezer by labeling them with their name and date.

How To Defrost Frozen Cauliflower?

Defrosting frozen cauliflower is very easy and also we have different types of defrosting blanched and roasted cauliflower. Let us look into those simple three methods.

Method 1:

If you are using cauliflower for cooking, you can use frozen cauliflower directly into the dish and cook for more time than normal as they need to warm up and get cooked.

Method 2:

Otherwise, you can defrost the frozen cauliflower by keeping the frozen cauliflower in the refrigerator overnight. This is the most popular method that everyone uses.

Method 3:

Another final method to defrost is by using a frying pan,  just take the frozen cauliflower, and fry them in the pan until it defrosts. It will be good for roasted cauliflower.

How To Use Frozen Cauliflower?

We have so many ways to use frozen cauliflower. As blanched cauliflower florets are very versatile you can use them directly frozen cauliflower into cooing dishes like cauliflower rice, roasted cauliflower mashed cauliflower, smoothies, and stews. Just it takes some extra cooking time.

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How To Freeze Cauliflower Rice? – Freezing Cauliflower Without Blanching

Freezing and making cauliflower rice is very easy. we will some simple steps to do it.

  • Prep your cauliflower by washing it thoroughly and cutting them into equal-sized florets by removing the thick core in the middle.
  • And put those chunks into the food processor and pulse it until it looks like couscous.
  • Now, transfer it into the labeled freezer bags.
  • Squeeze the excess air from the bag and seal it tightly.
  • Finally, put it into the freezer.

How Long You Can Freeze Cauliflower?

You can freeze the cauliflower for upto 9 months in a Ziploc bag in an ordinary freezer, if you have kept them in the deep freezer with vacuum packed bag you can freeze them for upto 14 months. Even after 14 months, you can use them but there will be no taste. Finally, how long you can freeze them is based on the way you freeze them, and pack them. Freezing in a deep freezer gives you good results and stores for a long.

Can You Freeze Cauliflower

Tips To Follow While Freezing Cauliflower

Not only for cauliflower, but it will also be useful for every vegetable mostly. Follow these tips and avoid wasting food even after freezing.

  • When you think of freezing cauliflower, just make them into portions. So that you can use how much you need and the remaining will be fresh and good.
  • Freezing the cauliflower in the deep freezer will be the best option and it will stay fresh for upto one year.
  • Using the blanching process will remain the color, taste, and texture the same as the fresh one even after freezing it.
  • And when you are cooking cauliflower to freeze, not to get overcooked immediately place them in ice water, so that it stops the cooking process.

FAQs on Can You Freeze Cauliflower

1. How do you thaw frozen cauliflower rice?

To defrost the frozen cauliflower rice, just keep the cauliflower in the freezer-safe bag of rice in the ice water bowl and check whether it is defrosted or not every 10 minutes.

2. Does frozen Cauliflower need to be cooked?

Yes, while freezing the cauliflower, we just blanched it, it does not mean that we completely cooked the cauliflower. So, frozen cauliflower needs to be cooked for a few minutes.

3.  Is blanching necessary to freeze cauliflower?

Blanching the cauliflower before freezing, will help cauliflower to stay fresh for a long time as there will be no microorganisms. And also by blanching cauliflower, the texture, color, and taste will be the same as a fresh one.


We as a team provided you the complete information regarding whether can you freeze cauliflower. And still, if you have doubts comment to us in the comment section. Follow the freezing method you like in the above and use it. Mostly for all vegetables, we use the same methods and we also have articles on can you freeze broccoli, Can you freeze zucchini and many more. Bookmark our site and avail all the latest updates.


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