Can You Freeze Biryani? – Tips To Follow For Freezing Biryani?

Can you Freeze Biryani?: Concepts like portion control and dieting are thrown out the window when it comes to the biryani. No one wants to compromise on their portion and remorse for not accepting that second helping.

As a consequence, we are left out with a huge amount of unfinished biriyani. Any biryani lover will not even contemplate throwing it away. That is why I am here to share a hack that will make your biryani taste identical to when it tasted fresh.

Bid goodbye to the muggy and sticky rice, with the freezing and reheating hacks to get the best biryani every time you dig in. Look into the article, to know if can you freeze biryani or not, how long can you freeze it, and many more are provided.

Can You Freeze Biryani

Can You Freeze Biryani? How Long Can Biryani be Frozen?

Yes, biryani can be frozen. If stored properly in an airtight box when freezing, then they will taste the same as the fresh one every time you heat it. Biryani must be frozen only for about 2 months. Anytime after this in the freezer will only degrade its taste. Also, it will not be quite nice to eat it. Also when freezing your biryani, ensure to mark it with the cooking date as it must be consumed within the date.

Steps to Follow When Freezing Biryani

As we have seen that we can freeze biryani for 2 months, but without proper freezing, it will not last. If you are looking to freeze biryani then you can follow these simple steps that help you store it for a long.

  • When biryani is cooked cool it down to room temperature. Once cooled down completely move to the next step immediately.
  • Scoop the needed biryani into airtight boxes with tight-fitting tops. Make sure to fill each box with the needed portion so you can defrost a single portion when needed. Also, leave some room, so it does not spill out when defrosted.
  • Attach the top to seal tight. Optionally, to prevent cold air from going in or the biryani odor from running into your freezer, cover the box with a layer of plastic wrap.
  • Using a marker note down the date of cooking for later reference. Place the biriyani in the freezer to let it freeze.

Tips To Know While Freezing Biryani

Since you have learned to freeze them, I have got a few tips that I suggest following to get the best outcomes when freezing your biriyani:

  • We recommend you use good-quality boxes and covers for the box as biryani consists of a lot of spices, there are chances for the freezer to stink.
  • When freezing biryani makes sure not to sprinkle it with any fresh herbs. Rather, put in those fresh herbs when you have defrosted and reheated them. This will give your biriyani a coating of freshness.
  • Do not refreeze heated biryani, so ensure to freeze biriyani into boxes that are single portions. This will help you to defrost a single portion when needed and avoid undesirable waste in the future.

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How To Thaw Biryani?

The best technique to follow when thawing biryani is by doing it slowly and steadily. Plan beforehand when you want to consume biryani and take the needed portion from the freezer the previous night and put it in the fridge to defrost overnight.

It should take about 36hrs for the biryani to completely defrost so be patient and give it some time. When reheating, you can use a microwave or a stove with a few spoons of water till it is heated thoroughly.

How to Reheat Frozen Biryani?

Once you have defrosted your biryani, you will have to follow the right steps to reheat it so that you do not destroy its flavor or texture. Also, remember to reheat only the needed biryani that you are going to consume, and make sure not to reheat any unwanted portion as you cannot refreeze.

Using a Microwave

Add a spoonful of water to the cup of biriyani. Also, break the bigger chunks using a spoon and heat the biriyani until the water is fully absorbed. Cover the top of your bowl either using a towel or a plate before placing it in the microwave.

There is no need to close the edges, but doing it will make sure that the rice remains moist. Remove the bowl and stir the rice to leave the rice for 30 seconds and reheat for a minute. Letting the rice sit for a few seconds between the heating intervals let the heat spread evenly. Persist this till the biriyani is completely heated.

Using a Stove 

When using the stovetop method, you must steam it rather than just fry it. Add the biryani to a pan and stir fry it by putting in some water. Then cook it until the biriyani is not sticky anymore. Again, use a spatula to break all the chunks, when stir-frying. Putting in water is essential as adding water when reheating, gives it the required moisture, making it palatable.

Place a cover on the pan and let the biryani cook on low heat, stir it every 30 seconds, till the biryani is fully heated. Make sure not to let the biriyani become excessively hot, as it may stick to the pan’s bottom. Use a closed-fitting cover to not allow any moisture to flee out of the pan.

Using a Rice Cooker

Many rice cookers come with a reheat option. So, to reheat the biryani add a few spoons of water, put the biriyani in the rice cooker, and then click on the keep warm button. With this function, the biriyani will reheat gradually to maintain the moisture or not make it mushy. Let the rice cook on warm functionality for about an hour in the rice cooker. Also, check from time to time until the biriyani has completely heated.

Using an Oven

Reheating using the oven may not look like a good choice, but it really works well. Mix the biriyani and put in some water. Now spread it out on a baking tray and break all the lumps using a fork. Cover the biriyani with aluminum foil and bake it for 20 minutes at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. As it is laid out, it will warm up evenly, preventing much moisture to be lost. The aluminum foil will also stop the moisture from biriyani.

Can You Refreeze Biryani?

No, you should not refreeze biryani. There is a big chance that it will contain bacteria and thus can be harmful. You might even find out that the cooked rice also turns mushy making it unenjoyable to consume.

Does Biryani Freeze Well?

Yes, biryani can freeze well. But, this is possible only for a month or two, as the taste and texture will remain the same. If you leave it in for a longer period, then there are chances for the taste to degrade.

FAQs on Can You Freeze Biryani

1. Can You Freeze Leftover Biryani?

Yes, you can. But it is essential to let your biryani cool down to room temperature and also make sure not to leave it out at room temperature for an extended time.

2. Can You Freeze Biryani with Paneer?

Biryani having meats and vegetables will freeze well. So you can freeze biryani with paneer.

3. Is it safe to reheat refrigerated biryani?

If the biriyani is refrigerated using an airtight box then it is safe to reheat it. Use a microwave to reheat as it will heat the biryani thoroughly and also kill bacteria with high heat. Also, be sure to not overcook the biryani, as it can dry out.

4. Which rice is good for biryani?

Basmati rice is the best rice for biriyani, as they do not stick or clump together. This also makes the biriyani light making sure that it is not too heavy to consume.

Key Takeaways

Hope this article can you freeze biryani had helped you a lot as biryani is definitely the best meal that can be made ahead and frozen in smaller sizes to relish later. It is a relatively inexpensive dish to create, and can also be made into large quantities at a single time.

Freezing and reheating biryani is also easy as well. You can also either freeze and reheat them in a single large batch or in smaller portions to be relished at various times. For more interesting articles, check out our website.

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