Can You Freeze Bbq Ribs? – 3 Simple Tips to Keep Bbq Ribs Frozen and Store Longer

Can you Freeze BBQ ribs?: If the stock of BBQ ribs bothers you as to what to do with the excess, let us explain to you that it can be frozen conveniently at your home without much hustle.

This article is just for you to know the procedures that should be adopted to freeze bbq ribs. More to that, we shall provide information on the tips and techniques to freeze the bbq, how long can it be frozen, and how to cook the same after freezing.

So, next time if you are willing to buy a bigger sum of BBQ ribs for your feast, go for it as we shall be taking care of the excess BBQ ribs.

Can You Freeze Bbq Ribs

Can You Freeze BBQ ribs?

Yes, you can freeze bbq ribs without any hesitation if properly frozen they can stay for months together. So, freezing it in the right way is quite important to get the best results.

How To Freeze BBQ Ribs At Home?

Freezing bbq ribs at home is simple and easy. But, knowing the right method to do this is essential. The following steps will help you to get the best-frozen bbq:


Once the BBQ ribs are ready to be frozen, ensure that they are cooled first. It is advised to place the bbq ribs on a grilled rack so that the air cools the entire surface from different sides.


After the BBQ ribs are cooled, separate the BBQ ribs portions as per your convenience and consumption. As the portions are fixed, it’s time to wrap the BBQ ribs in a sling film. Make sure to place the wrappings inside a ziplock bag.

Labeling and Freezing

Labeling is quite important in the entire process to keep an eye on the time for which the BBQ is frozen. It will help to consume the product faster. Once labeling of the ziplock bag containing the bbq ribs has been done with the date and contents, place it inside the freezer.

Tips To Freeze Bbq Ribs

Freezing bbq ribs the right way is really important and some tips will help you get a delicious frozen bbq if you keep in mind the following hacks:

  • Raw is better

Freezing raw bbq ribs is far easier provided you have seasoned it with your list of ingredients. Moreover, slicing raw BBQ ribs is convenient. That way you can save the remaining portion for cooking.

  • Remove air

Remove as much air as possible from the ziplock bags to prevent them from bursting. Use a straw to carry out this process.

  • Freeze sauce separately

BBQ sauce freezes exceptionally well. So, freeze separately the sauce so relish your dish later.

How Long Frozen BBQ Ribs Can Be Stored?

BBQ ribs can be frozen for as long as 2 months. Beyond this timeline, there will be a considerate change in the taste and texture of the product. Most importantly, try consuming the frozen bbq ribs as early as possible, it will give you the moist and succulent bbq rib that you had aspired for.

Best Way To Thaw Out Frozen Ribs

Plan earlier about cooking the bbq ribs, and keep them overnight in the refrigerator, it shall be ready for cooking the next morning. As a point of caution, do not defrost bbq ribs at room temperature this will cause the meat to spoil fast.

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Can You Refreeze BBQ Ribs After Thawing?

It is never a great idea to freeze BBQ ribs again. The BBQ ribs lose a lot of moisture when frozen for the first time. After thawing, the refreezing will make the BBQ ribs quite dry and tasteless. Hence it is always advised to freeze it just once. Consume the portion that you had placed in the freezer as per your requirement.

Do BBQ Ribs Freeze Well?

Yes, bbq ribs do freeze well provided the right method to freeze them is followed. A detailed account of the freezing process is mentioned above.

Once frozen it can last for almost 2 months. Portion the bbq ribs you want to freeze and it will be great for later use.

FAQs on Can You Freeze BBQ Ribs

1. How do you reheat frozen cooked ribs?

Heat BBQ ribs in the oven at about 225°F. The meat will shrink and get tough at higher heat. Bake it on a middle rack. It may take 1 hour to reheat the frozen cooked ribs.

2. Does freezing ribs ruin them?

No, freezing ribs don’t ruin them. Frozen ribs have a longer shelf life than those stored in the refrigerator.

3. Can you freeze BBQ ribs with sauce?

Yes, you can freeze BBQ ribs with sauce. BBQ sauce freezes super well.

4. Are frozen ribs as good as fresh?

Yes, the frozen ribs are delicious too like fresh ribs.


Freezing BBQ ribs is now at your easy reach. The craving for BBQ ribs can be fulfilled even during the off-season or during a lazy rainy evening.

This process keeps the nutritional value, taste, and texture of the frozen bbq intact. Also, it diminishes food wastage thereby saving a large amount of money and time. So, whenever you plan to bring BBQ ribs in large batches, don’t forget to freeze them if you find anything unfinished.

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