Can you Freeze Banana Puree? – How Do You Preserve Banana Puree for Baby? – Thawing Banana Puree

Can you Freeze Banana Puree?: Yes, the banana puree can be frozen and stored for later use. It is also among those foods that are frequently used in many delicacies, baby foods, smoothies, etc. So a ready-made stock of banana puree will always be helpful to cut the time and effort in making the same.

The nature of banana puree is such that upon storage it gets coated with a brownish layer. But, the taste and nutritional value of the food remain intact on freezing. We shall detail the related information on how to freeze a banana puree, how long can it be frozen, important tips, and finally end with FAQs.

Can you Freeze Banana Puree

Can you Freeze Banana Puree?

Yes, you can freeze banana puree with a little precaution and by adhering to the steps stated in this article to get the desired result. It involves straightforward steps which can be followed at home. Further, it helps to save time and effort whenever you plan to make a banana puree. If you are stuck with an excess of banana puree in your cooking area, this article is a boon for you.

Step By Step Guide To Freeze Banana Puree

For freezing banana puree, at first, you should be ready with the banana puree that you are willing to freeze. After you have the puree right in front of you, follow the steps below:

  • The first step is to portion out the desired banana pure into ice-cube trays. Pour the banana puree into the trays such that the puree does not fill the entire tray and part of it is left out from the top.
  • Now, cover the trays containing banana puree with a transparent sling film so that the least exposure to air can be expected. Moreover, it keeps the puree away from browning.
  • The next step would be to place the banana puree in the freezer. This might take a few hours to turn the puree into solid ice crystals.
  • Once the frozen crystals are ready, transfer them into ziplock bags from the trays. Ensure to keep them carefully as it might damage the amount of puree. Finally, place the solidified puree bags into the freezer.

Tips For Freezing Banana Puree

Though freezing banana puree is a simple process, there are some points to be mindful of while doing the same.

  • Add citric acid

The banana puree tends to get brown when subjected to longer idle time. Hence, we recommend you add a dash of lemon juice to it so that it looks pretty good during consumption.

  • Do not over thicken

Do not over-thicken the banana puree for easy portioning. In case, it is thicker, a little amount of milk can be added and mixed thoroughly to loosen it.

  • Add flavors

You can even have some flavors such as cardamom, nutmeg, or cinnamon that give a pleasant taste and act as a preservative too.

How Long Can You Freeze Banana Puree?

Banana puree can be kept frozen for about 3 months. But, we recommend using it as early as possible as the earlier it is used, the better it tastes and the texture too remains intact. Upon a longer period of storage, an additional brown layer is developed on it that makes the look less tempting.

How To Defrost Banana Puree?

If you are using frozen banana puree for smoothies and drinks, probably it would be a great idea to use it directly from the freezer. In case you want to use it to use as a puree for children or on any other toppings, make sure to thaw it overnight and it shall be ready by the morning.

Can You Refreeze Banana Puree?

It is really a bad idea to refreeze banana puree as it will make the product turn soggy and grainy which will ultimately fail the whole purpose of freezing it. Instead, be prudent while portioning and freezing the banana puree as per your need. So that you can avoid this confusion later.

Do Check

Does Banana Puree Freeze Well?

Practically it will be not wrong to say that banana pureed does not freeze really well. But to avoid a wastage of food, it is advised to free it by following certain conditions so that it can be relished later. A brief of the steps for freezing is explained well in this article’s previous sections.

FAQs on Can You Freeze Banana Puree

1. Can you freeze baby banana puree?

Yes, you can freeze baby banana puree.

2. Is it OK to freeze mashed bananas?

Yes, it is okay to freeze mashed bananas. Mashing bananas before freezing them is a quick and easy process to prepare overripe bananas.

3. How long does pureed banana last in the freezer?

You can freeze the banana puree for 3 months.

4. Do frozen bananas get mushy?

Yes, the frozen bananas will get mushy once you thaw them.


To sum up, indeed freezing saves food waste as well as time consumption of preparing any food. The banana puree preparation can sometimes be bothering when it is required at unexpected hours. Hence, freezing the same is the best way to enjoy a healthy as well short formula to get food ready. Next time when you are in a fix to freeze the banana puree for your child or cake, I guess your mind will be ready with the answer to it.

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