Can You Freeze Avocados? – An Easy Guide on Freezing and Thawing Frozen Avocados

Can You Freeze Avocados?: Are you willing to know how can you freeze avocados? Then you are at the right place. We are here to help you with new and different ways to freeze avocados. You may have observed that the unripe avocados are available on sale.

Now, you can buy it at a lower price and freeze it. Read the below article for tips and tricks to freezing avocados. Know Frozen Avocados Hacks for the better ways to freeze avocados. If you want to know Can Avocado Go Bad then check it over here via the available link.

Can You Freeze Avocados

Can you Freeze Avocados for Smoothies? | How To Do It?

Yes, you can freeze avocados for smoothies. If you want to freezer avocados for the smoothies then always look for the avocados which are ripe as the slightly unripe avocados will be harder to peel. With the skin intact wash these avocados in the freshwater. Now, cut the avocado in half and remove the seed. Be careful while doing this separation.

Peel the fruit by cutting it into quarters and thus remove the outer skin. Blend these cut avocados using the blender and then put them in a resealable freezer bag. You are required to make sure that the air is completely removed from the bag. You can use this smoothie pulp for one month.

How to Freeze Avocados without Turning Brown?

While freezing the avocados you can observe that it has turned brown. It is not because they are rotten, but avocados’ nutrients are preserved when frozen, and the fruit can sometimes turn slightly mushy or brown. This brown color on the avocados comes due to the oxidation process. Hence, to prevent this, you can drizzle a bit of lemon juice on top of the avocado before freezing!

Freezing Avocados in Ice Cube Trays

It is quite easy to freeze the avocados in the ice cube trays. Follow the steps carefully:

  • You are just required to mask the fruit by peeling it first.
  • Now, you can easily transfer this pulp into the ice cube trays.
  • Freeze these cubes. After freezing you can transfer them into a bag to save space.

This is one of the effective methods to pop into smoothies or smooth sauces. Sometimes while using it you are not required to defrost it.

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Can you Freeze Mashed Avocados?

Yes, freezing Mashed Avocados is considered to be one of the best methods. First, you need to mash it with some lemon juice. You can easily scoop the insides into a mixing bowl and top them with freshly squeezed lemon juice. Using a fork potato masher, mash it to a uniform consistency. Scoop the mashed fruit into a resealable freezer bag and press it into an even layer. Squeeze out as much air as possible from the bag, then seal and freeze for up to 1 month.

Can you Freeze Avocados Whole?

Yes, but it is difficult to freeze whole avocados. Even it is recommended not to perform such tasks. As the avocados take a longer time to defrost and contain high water content. This will eventually result in a mushy, unattractive avocado if you leave it whole, peel, seed, and all.

Can you Freeze Avocados Slices?

Yes, you can easily freeze the sliced avocados. Thus, to freeze the slices or bite-sized cubes, take out the pit, and slice the avocado flesh into pieces. Remove the peel. Now, arrange this avocado on a baking sheet. The sheet needs to be lined with parchment paper, spray with lemon juice, and frozen until it’s solid. Take a freezer bag or an airtight container transfer these sliced avocados, and seal it without air, then place the bag in the freezer.

How to Thaw Frozen Avocados?

You must aware that frozen avocados should be thawed at room temperature for approximately 1 hour. This thawed frozen avocado can be best used in multi-ingredient dishes, such as guacamole, dips, spreads, and smoothies. One more way to thaw avocados is one night before use, you are required to remove those avocados from the freezer to the fridge.

Is Frozen Avocado as Good as Fresh?

There is always a difference between fresh and frozen food. Just because water expands when the avocado freezes, the fruit’s texture will change. Hence, it means that frozen and thawed avocados will not be as fresh, flavorful, or buttery as a fresh avocado. Thus, you can choose fresh avocados over frozen ones.

FAQs on Can Freeze Avocados

1. How long can I Freeze Avocados?

Freezing avocados is very simple. You can observe that the frozen fruit usually lasts for up to three months.

2. Can you Freeze Avocados before they are Ripe?

It is important to let your avocados ripen before you freeze them, as the avocados will not ripen anymore once they are frozen. You do not want to freeze unripe avocados as it will become difficult for you when you cut them.

3. Can I use the Frozen Avocado in the Sandwiches? 

Yes, you can easily use frozen avocados in the sandwiches. You can easily use this frozen fruit while spreading it on the sandwich which also contains some other ingredients. Even with the other ingredients, you can taste the flavor of the fruit.

4. Can You freeze Avocado with Skin On?

Yes, it is one of the easiest processes to freeze avocados. You can simply wash the avocados with normal water and freeze the whole fruit in your freezer. Frozen avocados with skin will last up to three to four months.

5. Can you Freeze Avocados for Baby Food?

Frozen avocados are the better option. Thus, in this context, it is recommended that you can use freezing avocado for easy access to baby food. You can also use the frozen avocado cubes in a smoothie to boost healthy fats and creaminess.

Summing Up!

Freezing avocado helps in the reduction of food wastage and keeps this fruit on hand throughout the year. With the above-provided information now you must have an idea about how to preserve the avocado! Even though most nutrients are preserved during freezing, you will see the flesh tends to become mushy and may brown during storage or thawing. Hence, the best use of frozen avocados is to use them in guacamole, dips, and smoothies. For more such informative articles on food freezing and defrosting follow our guide on

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