Can you Freeze Aubergine? – Guide to Freeze Cooked Aubergine Dip – Tips to Freeze Aubergine

Can You Freeze Aubergine To Make A Comforting Food?: If you enjoy the taste of aubergines, you may have questioned yourself, “Can you freeze aubergines?” What happens when a dish only calls for half an aubergine?

An excellent item to have on hand is frozen aubergines. A versatile food item, aubergines may be found in a wide range of cuisines, from Persia to Italy. It is wholesome and full of nutrients, a fantastic meaty vegetable for filling vegetarian and vegan dishes, and it is incredibly flexible because of its resistance to strong tastes.

Continue reading to learn how to freeze and store an aubergine to quickly create a comforting dish.

Can you Freeze Aubergine

Can You Freeze Aubergine?

Yes, you can freeze aubergine. The fresh aubergine can be stored in the freezer for 6 months. With aubergine being so incredibly versatile, there are multiple ways for freezing them. You can freeze raw aubergine, or other forms such as grilled, cooked, or dishes.

How Long Can You Freeze Aubergine Safely?

The aubergine will remain in the freezer for about 6 months, regardless of whether it’s baked, blanched, cooked, pureed, or served as a meal.

Consistently label everything you freeze with a specific use-by date so you can maintain a well-organized freezer.

Does Aubergine Freeze Well?

Yes! But the texture is what matters here. The aubergine will typically exude water when frozen and prepared, making it slightly slimy.

Fresh aubergines are usually preferable if you’re picky about the texture of your aubergine. As a result, if you intend to store your aubergine for the remainder of the month, freezing will remain a good option for you. Freezing aubergine is preferable to discarding it.

How Can You Freeze Cooked Aubergine Easily?

This procedure is for you if you love to cook with roasted aubergines in recipes including curries or stir-fries.

Roast The Aubergine

Slice your aubergine into cube-sized pieces after peeling. After uniformly coating the aubergine with olive oil, sprinkle it with pepper, salt, and any additional spices you want.

For 40 to 45 minutes, roast and bake the aubergines at around 190 °C in a preheated oven until they turn golden brown.

Allow The Aubergine To Cool Down

Take the baked aubergine out of the oven and allow it to cool down. Then pat the aubergine with a kitchen towel to absorb any extra oil.

Flash Freeze The Aubergine

After the aubergines have cooled, spread them out in a thin layer on a baking sheet and throw them in the freezer for many hours to flash freeze.

Finally, Freeze The Aubergine

To preserve the aubergine cubes, place them into a freezer bag once they are completely frozen.

How Can You Freeze Aubergine Moussaka?

This is the procedure you use to freeze your preferred aubergine moussaka and, most likely, parmigiana too.

  • Prepare your aubergine meal normally, including baking it, as if you were planning to have it tonight. Set it aside to cool entirely at room temperature after cooking. Do not place the aubergine in the refrigerator to chill.
  • After the meal has cooled, wrap it with cling film to keep it safe. The next step is to wrap the aubergine with foil. These coverings will keep it safe, keep other odors out, and shield it from freezer burn.
  • Put your prepared aubergine in the freezer and let it freeze there. That’s all!

How Can You Freeze Aubergine Dip?

Even those who claim to dislike aubergines would find it difficult to refuse a dish of warm pita bread with baba ganoush. Its delightfully smoky flavor is tempting. Follow these simple methods to freeze aubergine dip or puree:

Prepare Your Aubergine Dip

Cook your dip as usual. An aubergine is often sliced in half, roasted in the microwave until smooth and creamy, and then the flesh is scooped into a food processor together with other ingredients to prepare your dip.

Bag The Aubergine Dip 

Have you prepared your aubergine dip? It’s time to freeze the dip now. Pouring the dip into freezer-safe containers or bags is all that is required. When you close the bags, make an effort to get rid of as much extra air as you can.

Freeze The Dip

The containers or bags should then be put in the freezer. To avoid having to completely thaw it to eat the dip, try freezing it in pieces. Lastly, a freezing technique doesn’t need too much effort!

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Tips To Remember While Freezing Your Aubergine

Now that you know how to freeze aubergine, here are our pro tips for getting the maximum benefit from freezing:

Blanching Is Vital

Blanching your aubergine is crucial if you plan to freeze it raw. It will seal in the flavor and stop the textural variations from being too extreme.

Freeze In Dish

Making aubergine into ready-to-eat dishes is one of the finest methods to freeze it. As a result, you will receive time-saving meals throughout the week.

Use In Dish

Sadly, frozen aubergines cannot be used on their own, such as when cooked on a BBQ. To disguise the textural shift, put it in a meal instead.

Think About The Use

Gently blanch and freeze your aubergines if you intend to use them cut into rounds or deep-fried in breadcrumbs. You should prepare it before freezing the aubergine if you plan to put it in curries. You should thus consider your planned usage before using the aubergine.

Can You Refreeze Your Aubergine?

Yes, you can. However, refreezing is not often something we advise, and aubergine is no exception. Its texture may be ruined entirely by freezing, defrosting, and then refreezing.

There is a small exception to this rule, though. If the aubergine has previously been frozen raw or uncooked, it might be refrozen once cooked.

For instance, if you freeze uncooked aubergine, thaw it, and then use it to create parmigiana, you should have no problems freezing this cooked parmigiana.

How To Defrost Your Aubergine?

The excellent thing is that you are not required to thaw frozen roasted aubergines or frozen aubergine slices.

You may use it in a moussaka, for instance, or simply whisk it into the meal you’re making. They won’t need to defrost because of the cooking’s heat. A dip cannot be consumed immediately from the freezer, as you might expect.

Set your aubergine dip in the refrigerator overnight to defrost gently and carefully, then decide when you’ll consume it. This holds regardless of the aubergine meal you have prepared. It should gently defrost overnight in the refrigerator before being heated through in the oven.

FAQs On Freezing Aubergine

1. Can I freeze aubergines without blanching?

Yes! While aubergine may be frozen without being blanched, doing so will preserve flavor and increase the amount of time it can be frozen for. However, it’s a fine decision to blanch aubergine and the majority of veggies.

2. What is the best way to freeze aubergines?

Lay the slices of aubergines on a parchment-lined sheet, and allow them to cool, then freeze until solidly frozen. Transfer them into freezer bags and use them whenever needed.

3. Can you freeze your aubergine curry?

Yes, you may freeze aubergine curry in high-quality freezer bags. Once it has cooled, divide the aubergine curry into portions and seal the bags with as little air as possible.

Final Words

It is completely possible and advantageous to freeze aubergines, and all it requires is some prepping, but it is well worth it. Check out our website for further freezing tips.

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