Can Freeze Oatmeal for Smoothies? – How To Freeze Oatmeal Cups To Maximize Shelflife?

Can Freeze Oatmeal?: Fitness freaks always choose oatmeal to have in the mornings but they can be late to cook the oatmeal every morning. If you also stand on the same page then you can relate to this guide ie., can freeze oatmeal? Do you agree to freeze the oatmeal? If not then learn why you should freeze your oatmeal from here along with a lot more information like How to freeze cooked oatmeal? How to Thaw Oatmeal? and Process of Reheating Oatmeal. Scroll down the page and find all the details regarding whether can you preserve oatmeal in the freezer and others that you are looking for.

Can Freeze Oatmeal

Can You Freeze Cooked Oatmeal?

Yeah, you can freeze-cooked oatmeal too. Sometimes it may hit hard with the taste and texture of the cooked oatmeal frozen but if you follow the proper measures then freezing cooked oatmeal doesn’t have a huge effect on either. Cooked oatmeal also lasts for about 3-4 months in the freezer. If you are planning to freeze the cooked oatmeal in large portions then make sure to divide it into small batches so defrosting them while eating can be easy and it takes less time to thaw.

Freezing Overnight Oats

You can also freeze overnight oats for months like three. By taking some precautions you have to freeze your overnight oats thus it gives the best quality and safety to eat whenever you desire. Let’s select the freezer-safe container for overnight oats first and prepare the recipe as per your knowledge before freezing. Avoid fruits and spices in it for now as this is not the right time to add them. You can add them into thawed overnight oats.

Make sure to leave extra space in your overnight oats container to expand when frozen if not it leads to an explosion in your freezer and increases your work. So leave enough space for expansion in the container and seal it tightly using a container lid or clip off a plastic cover after removing air out of a plastic freezer container or bag for fresh quality.

How To Freeze Oatmeal?

The method of freezing the oatmeal in larger and smaller portions is discussed here clearly. When you don’t have time to prepare the oatmeal every morning then you can try this freezing oatmeal method and make it easy for you. Let’s check the process without any delay:

  • Firstly, you have to take out all the large portions of a cooked meal of oats into freezer bags or plastic containers as per the space you have in the freezer. Always cover it properly and take out the excess air from the bag or container before sealing them, it maintains freshness.
  • If you want to use a small portion of oatmeal every day then freezing enough amount of portion in a muffin tin is the best option. Before using the tin, spray the nonstick cooking spray on the muffin tin or use a nonstick pan.
  • Now, place the spoon of oatmeal in the muffin tin and cover it with plastic wrap then place it in the freezer for hours and hours or overnight or till it gets frozen.
  • Once they hold the shape of the muffin thaw them a bit and pop the oatmeal cups or muffins out of the tin by taking the help of a thin knife or spatula. Again freeze those oatmeal cups in the freezer bags and whenever you require take one or two muffins from the bag and reheat them to eat.

One more method to freeze oatmeal is calculating the meal-sized oatmeal and dividing that amount of oatmeal in separate containers. The quick way to find how many containers you require to freeze is by multiplying your recipe by X and then dividing the cooked oatmeal into X airtight containers. Note down to leave some space at the top in the container of oatmeal as it may expand sometime when frozen. Also, one more tip to follow while freezing oatmeal is to label the time and date on each container to avoid further confusion related to expiry.

I think the above-freezing oatmeal method will save the valuable time of yours daily. If you need clear-cut info on how to defrost and reheat the oatmeal then look at the below modules.

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Can Freeze Oatmeal

Can Freeze Oatmeal 1

Can Freeze Oatmeal 2

Rolled Oats (70.2%), Maltodextrin, Iodised Salt, Edible Vegetable Oil (Refined Rice Bran Oil), Dried Vegetable [French Beans (1.16%), Onion (0.69%), Green Peas (0.47%)], Spices and Condiments (1.5%) [Coriander, Cumin, Turmeric, Black Pepper, Chilly, Ginger, Fennel, Fenugreek, Curry Leaf Powder], Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein, Onion Powder, Garlic, Sugar Wheat Flour, Flavour Enhances (INS 627, INS 631), Tamarind Powder, Yeast Extract, Acidity Regulators (INS 330), Natural and Nature-identical Flavouring Substances.

Allergen Advice: Contains Oats, Wheat & Soy

Nutritional Information (Approximate values)
No. of servings per pack: 13-14 (approx.)
Serve Measure: 38 g (1/2 cup)

Nutrients Per 100 g Per serve %RDA
Energy (kcal) 361.0 7%
Protein (g) 8.3
Carbohydrate (g) 72.4
Total Sugars (g) 3.0
Added Sugars (g) 1.1 1%
Dietary Fibre (g) 12.6
Soluble Dietary Fibre (g) 4.9
Insoluble Dietary Fibre (g) 7.7
Total Fat (g) 7.0 4%
Saturated Fat (g) 1.4 2%
Trans Fat (g) 0.1 2%
Cholesterol (mg) 0
Sodium (mg) 1569 30%

Recommended Dietary Allowance for Average Adult per Day

How To Defrost Oatmeal?

The best options that you opt for defrosting your daily dose of frozen oatmeal are explained here:

On the Counter:

Whenever you forgot to refrigerate the frozen oatmeal overnight or you won’t have enough space in the fridge then thawing on the counter also works. To make use of this option you need some extra time before having your oatmeal. Defrosting oatmeal on the counter at room temperature needs an hour or so as per the amount and shape of the container.

If you don’t have time then use this trick of submerging the container in cold or lukewarm water. When it comes to the proper consistency then reheat the oatmeal as soon as possible and then enjoy your oatmeal.

In the fridge:

The regular method of defrosting food also works best for oatmeal. Thus, all you need to do is transfer the required amount of oatmeal into the fridge in the evening time and leave it overnight. The next morning, you will see the thawed oatmeal which is ready to eat directly. Also, remember to use the plate under your container of oatmeal in the fridge to avoid spreading the thawed water all over the fridge shelf.

Using Microwave:

The quickest possible to thaw your oatmeal is microwaving which is unhealthy and used as an optional method. Place the container in the microwave and set the small time increments to defrost the oatmeal with proper consistency. If you feel doing it tough then place a glass of water in the microwave along with oatmeal and help it not to dry out easily.

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Can Freeze Oatmeal

How to Reheat Oatmeal?

Oatmeal should be reheated on the stoves at low flame to avoid the burned taste. Also, don’t rush with the reheating oatmeal process. Want to get proper knowledge on reheating the oatmeal before eating? Then check out the below instructions and process them carefully.

  • First and foremost, take a bowl and keep the flame at low heat. Now, add a few spoons of milk or water as you prefer.
  • If you use this liquid then your thawed oatmeal won’t burn easily. Now, add the required amount of oatmeal into the bowl.
  • Take the help of a fork to mix or mash the oatmeal with the liquid you added prior. If need more liquid quantity then add some and take the oatmeal to desired consistency.
  • Always remember to add the liquid into the meal in small increments like 1 to 2 teaspoons at a time. In case you add too much, then you have to wait for a longer time to cook, or else runny oatmeal will be the last option to eat.
  • For quick reheating, use this step. Start off on medium heat and warm up the oatmeal to a certain temperature so that you can eat happily. When it is in medium heat stir the meal slowly to avoid burning.
  • Finally, your oatmeal is reheated and now you can enjoy it for breakfast or lunch, or dinner according to your diet or interest.

FAQs on Can Freeze Oatmeal – How To Preserve Oatmeal Cups in the Freezer?

1. Why You Should Freeze Your Oatmeal?

By freezing the oatmeal you can be benefitted in many ways as it lasts for a longer time, it saves your morning time, warms up easily, helps in portioning to kids or adults, and more importantly, it hits on food wastage. If you find more such advantages of freezing oatmeal then let us know in the comment box.

2. Can I freeze uncooked oatmeal?

Yes, uncooked oatmeal or dry oatmeal can be frozen in the freezer bag for more than a year either opened or unopened. You can even store it in a dry and clean place. Always seal the containers or bags of oatmeal tightly and remove as much air as you can from the bags or containers.

3. What happens if you freeze oatmeal?

If you freeze the oatmeal then it expands when frozen and also prolongs its shelf life by upto three months. Also, you can get benefitted from so many things after freezing oatmeal.

Final Outcome

Wishing that the shared facts on our page with regards to Can Freeze Oatmeal hold everything you are looking for. In case we missed anything to explain about freezing, defrosting, and reheating oatmeal or tips to follow while freezing drop us in the comment section with your suggestions or queries. We will be glad to answer it asap after ample research is done by our team. Also, keep in touch with our site to avail latest updates on freezing techniques of other food categories like grains, vegetables, dairy products, etc.

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