Can You Freeze Nutella? Yes, Here’s Tips & Tricks For Freezing Nutella

Can Freeze Nutella: Nutella is a great hazelnut and chocolate spread that is rich in flavor, with a velvety texture. It is one of the favorite and most addictive snacks for Americans. It is the most loved food product for children, and as parents, we always keep Nutella in stock.

Not only for children but can also be used in many baking dishes too. And we think that buying in bulk when it is in the sale will help us to save money. But if you keep the Nutella at room temperature for a long time, it can go rotten as it is made from nut fat and dairy.

So, freezing Nutella is the best option but many people wonder can freeze Nutella, and some of them do not know how to freeze Nutella properly.

If you are also one who is looking at this article to know how to freeze Nutella, here is the ultimate guide. We have provided you with the best methods for freezing Nutella and tips that will work well for freezing.

Can Freeze Nutella

Can You Freeze Nutella? How Long Can You Freeze Nutella?

Yes, you can freeze Nutella for up to 6 months to boost its shelf life and due to high oil content it will safely last for 6 months, but after defrosting the Nutella, consistency will not be the same and there will be less impact on taste. But according to Nutella manufacturers, it should not be frozen. And the Nutella should be kept in the freezer by placing Nutella in an air-tight container with a tight seal. If the original packaging is unopened, you can directly pop it in the freezer.

Do not store the Nutella in the freezer even expiry for more than a month as it will go rancid.

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How To Freeze Nutella?

Here we are going to provide you with the best ways to freeze the Nutella in the freezer. Presently, we have two methods or ways to freeze. Let us look into them step by step.

Freezing Unopened Bottle of Nutella

To freeze an unopened bottle of Nutella, there is nothing complex to work. See the simple steps below.

  • Take the Nutella container that was brought from the store.
  • Just put the container into the freezer.

Freezing Opened Bottle of Nutella

Do freeze the opening bottle of Nutella we have some ways. Look into the step-by-step process below.

Freeze Opened Nutella on Baking Sheet

  • You can place the Nutella in a large air-tight container or you can use plastic bags if you are using a dollop of Nutella.
  • Just take the Nutella and place the baking sheet on the tray and put a dollop of Nutella on the sheet with the measurement.
  • Put that baking tray into the freezer and keep it until it solidified.
  • Then transfer them into freezer bags and then label them with names and dates.
  • Finally, place it into the freezer.

Freeze Opened Nutella in Freezer bags

  • Just, spread the Nutella with the spoon in the freezer bags.
  • Squeeze the air and seal it tightly with an airtight lid.
  • Stick the bags in the freezer until you need them.
  • Spread the Nutella in freezer bags in portions, so that you can only defrost the amount you need and there will be no waste.

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Can Freeze Nutella Opened and Unopened

Tips to Follow While Freezing Nutella

If you are looking to freeze Nutella with the guidelines that we have provided, you need to follow some tips.

  • Make sure the Nutella is at room temperature before freezing it.
  • Always freeze the Nutella in portions.
  • Don’t forget to label it with an expiry date.
  • For best results, complete the frozen Nutella within 3 – 4 months.
  • Always keep it in an air-tight container and freeze it once after opening it.
  • If it is unopened, keep it directly with the original packing which will help you to avoid freezer burns as it is vacuum sealed.

How To Defrost Nutella From the Freezer?

If you would like to defrost the Nutella there are some steps to follow. Just look into them below as we have explained clearly.

  • Just take out the Nutella from the freezer and thaw it in the refrigerator overnight.
  • Another method to thaw the Nutella is to leave it at room temperature for several hours until it is defrosted.
  • After thawing it, as it has oils in it, the Nutella may get separated, just give it a good stir for consistency.
  • And use it as early as possible after defrosting.

Can You Refreeze Nutella?

No, refreezing is not advised for Nutella. As Nutella has oils in it, once after freezing it the oils are getting separated and we are seeing the change in texture and taste after defrosting. Repeated freezing, will make the Nutella still worse. To avoid this refreezing, we are giving you a suggestion to freeze Nutella in portions based on the amount you need for future use.

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Does Nutella Freezes Well?

Yes, Nutella can freeze extremely well though it is getting separated while freezing, we can give it a good stir. So that it can be recombined easily after it was returned to room temperature. But do not store Nutella for a very long time as the texture and flavor change. And freezing Nutella is a great way to level up on your dessert.

How To Use Frozen Nutella?

Here we are going to tell you how can you use frozen Nutella. Below is some ideas list.

  • You can spread it on slices of bread.
  • Mix it with yougurt to make nutella parfait.
  • Use it as a dip for fresh fruit and cookies.
  • Add frozen Nutella to melted chocolate to make a Nutella ganache.
  • Top ice cream with Nutella along with hazelnuts and almonds.

FAQs on How Long Will Nutella Last in the Freezer

1. Can you freeze Nutella on strawberries?

Yes, you can freeze Nutella on strawberries, and it is a great summertime treat. Strawberries dipped or covered in Nutella are super simple to make.

2. Is it okay to freeze Nutella?

Yes, it is okay to freeze Nutella in the freezer even though the oils and fats get separated. We can rectify them after defrosting it in the freezer. Always make sure that the container or bag you keep in the freezer with Nutella is completely and tightly sealed or not.

3. What happens if you freeze Nutella?

After freezing Nutella, there will be some change in texture and taste and there will be some separation of oils and water. And also there will be a decrease in consistency after thawing it.

4. Can you eat frozen Nutella?

Yes, you can eat frozen Nutella but the experience of it will not be good as it is rock solid and also it tastes like spoiled cheap chocolate. You should always unfreeze Nutella when you think of eating.

In a Nutshell

We are hoping this article had shed some light on can freeze Nutella and store your Nutella in the freezer. Still, if you have any suggestions, doubts, or tips to share with us you can comment to us in the comment section below. It was good to hear from you. Feel free to share this article with your friends and loved ones who love Nutella. For more condiment articles like can you freeze jam, can you freeze mayonnaise, just look into our website.


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