Can Freeze Creme Fraiche? – How to Freeze Creme Fraiche? – How To Defrost And Use Creme Fraiche?

Can Freeze Creme Fraiche: Creme fraiche is a fresh French cream that is made by culture to dairy cream. We use it very often as toppings, for soups, sauces, cakes, and many delicious dishes.

For many of us, when we buy the creme fraiche from outside, we will have some leftovers after the completion of our dish. If you are not a person who uses the creme fraiche regularly, it will go to waste. At that time, just try freezing it in the freezer.

You can learn the tips and tricks, steps to freeze in different types, how to defrost, how to use the frozen creme and many more are discussed in this guide. Read on to know more.

Can You Freeze Creme Fraiche

Can You Freeze Creme Fraiche?

Yes, you can freeze creme fraiche for upto 4 months. In freezing also as we have had many different methods you can freeze by choosing the method according to your convenience and circumstances.

By freezing creme fraiche you may face the separation of the creme after defrosting, even though you do not need to worry as you can easily fix it.

Does Freezing Effect Creme Fraiche?

Yes, freezing does affect creme fraiche, as it is a dairy product with high fat content. When you freeze the creme fraiche due to its high-fat content the liquid may get separated from the whey and you may also see some color changes.

If the whey gets separated in freezing, there is a chance that the whey may freeze. If you stir the cream to get it to normal, the consistency may become watery.

You can freeze the creme fraiche when you think that it will go to waste if you do not store it.

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How To Freeze Creme Fraiche?

Freezing creme fraiche is always the best and better way as it will have a longer shelf life. We are going to look into the proper guidelines to freeze the creme fraiche.

As we have different ways of freezing, we are going to provide you with all the methods, you can follow the method according to your circumstances.

Freeze the Creme Fraiche in Containers or Bags

Look into the step-by-step process on how to freeze the creme fraiche in containers or bags.

  • If you have any leftovers, just take the cream, and scoop the cream into the resealable plastic bags. Or containers.
  • When you scoop in containers or freezer bags, leave an inch of space on the top, so that after freezing the cream it will not burst out and it will avoid freezer burns.
  • Label the container or freezer bag with the name and date.
  • Stick it in the freezer.

Freeze the Creme Fraiche In Ice Cube Trays

Here is the procedure to follow on how you can freeze the creme fraiche in ice cube trays.

  • Scoop the cream into ice cube trays and then place it in the freezer.
  • After completion of pre-freezing, remove it from the freezer and place the cubes in the freezer bags.
  • Seal it tightly by squeezing the air completely.
  • Label it with the storage date and name.
  • Finally, keep it in the freezer.

Can Freeze Creme Fraiche

Tips To Follow While Freezing Creme Fraiche

Here, we love to provide you with some tips to follow while freezing, as it will give you the best results in freezing creme fraiche.

  • Always freeze the creme fraiche in portions, as you cannot refreeze it or discard the remaining,
  • Stick the label to the container or freezer bags, that will help you not to get confused between many dairy products that you have in the freezer.
  • Freezing the store-bought creme fraiche will give you good results as it will have some good preservatives in it to store for longer.
  • As creme fraiche gets separated after defrosting, even though you can use it as fresh creme by whisking it.
  • Dont freeze the creme fraiche after long days, freeze it sooner when it is fresh and firm.

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How to Defrost Frozen Creme Fraiche?

Defrosting the frozen creme fraiche is easy and simple. Take the freezer bags from the freezer and then place them in the fridge. Allow it to thaw overnight and use it in the morning.

You may notice the separation of the creme after defrosting. But, dont worry, you can fix it with a good stir.

Can You Refreeze Frozen Creme Fraiche?

No, refreezing is not recommended like all other dairy products. When you freeze the creme fraiche for the first time,  the creme will get separated, and change in texture, and taste. If you again freeze it for the second time, it will become even worse.

To avoid this situation, we recommend you freeze it in portions so that you can use the amount you need and there will be no wastage.

Does Creme Fraiche Freeze Well?

No, creme fraiche does not freeze well. We advise you the same thing that many people tell you, to freeze any type of product if you think that freezing it is necessary otherwise it will go to waste.

By freezing the creme fraiche there will be a change in consistency, texture, and taste. Remember that, even if you freeze as you dont have any other option, you can freeze it only for 4 months after that it will go to waste. So you need to use it as soon as possible.

How To Use Frozen Creme Fraiche

After defrosting, you can happily use the frozen creme fraiche even though the consistency and texture change. If you whisk it by the whisker it will become routine. Here we are going to provide you with ideas on how you can use the frozen creme fraiche.

  • You can mix this creme in soups, stews, or pasta.
  • Also, use the creme in baked goods.
  • Mixing a creamy salad with herbs and spices can make a creamy salad dressing.
  • And mix this frozen creme fraiche with the fruits.

FAQs on Can You Freeze Creme Fraiche

1. Can you freeze creme fraiche in sauce?

Yes, you can freeze the creme fraiche in sauce easily. But after defrosting the creme in soup it will become a little grainy. If it is possible it is better to freeze the sauce and creme fraiche separately.

2. Can you freeze a dish with creme fraiche?

Yes, you can freeze a dish with creme fraiche, you just need to freeze it properly with proper guidelines, and you can see the best output even after defrosting.

3. How long can you freeze the creme fraiche for a long time?

Creme fraiche will last in the freezer for upto 4 months. Creme fraiche will freeze for a longer time and not to go waste. By keeping it in air-tight containers under constant temperature, the shelf life of the creme is prolonged.

Key Takeaways

Hope that the article, that we have provided about can freeze creme fraiche is beneficial for you. Still, if you have any doubts, or if you have any tips and tricks that you have discovered about the creme fraiche, just comment us in the below comment box.

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