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Can You Freeze Cherry Pie?: Cherry pie is one of the most popular fruit pie flavors. Deliciously sweet with just the right amount of tartness to add flavor complexity. At any family meal or special occasion, this is a staple dish that is served with cream, ice cream, or custard.

You must be wondering, that can you freeze cherry pie leftovers or not as it can be challenging to consume the entire pie before it goes bad. You might even be considering whether cherry pie can be frozen in advance so that you always have a dessert on hand. To Know all these things read this article to know whether you can freeze Cherry Pie or not!

Can You Freeze Cherry Pie

Can You Freeze Cherry Pie?

Yes, Cherry Pie can be frozen. A frozen cherry pie will keep for around six months. It can be frozen either baked or unbaked according to your preference. Even the remaining cherry pie portions can be frozen for later use. If you plan on freezing the unbaked food, you should try to utilize it all up within three months.

How to Freeze Cherry Pie

The freezing process for Cherry Pie is very simple. We have already indicated that you are able to freeze cherry pie in a number of different methods, so let’s get right into it and have a look at how you can freeze cheery pie.

Freeze Baked Cherry Pie

This is the most typical method for freezing food because it is more common to have leftovers or to want to have a baked pie in the freezer so that it is ready to go whenever you need it.

  • After baking, let your pie completely cool down before serving. In the event that you have any leftovers, ensure that you let them completely cool before placing them in the freezer.
  • If you want to freeze the cherry pie in individual servings, you will first need to divide it.
  • Wrap each portion in cling film, and then place it, along with a portion of the cherry pie, in a container or bag suitable for the freezer.
  • If you want to be able to store a whole pie in the freezer, you should first protect it by wrapping it in cling film multiple times, and then place it, if possible, in a large freezer bag.
  • Put the bags or containers into the freezer, label them with the date and the contents, and then put them back into the freezer.

Freeze Unbaked Cherry Pie

The process of freezing unbaked cherry pie may be more challenging, but it is still simple enough to carry out.

  • You should make your cherry pie in the same pie tin that you will ultimately bake it in. Because this tin will be stored in the freezer for a brief period of time, you need to check to make sure that it can withstand the cold.
  • Before you begin to prepare the pie in the tin, line it with a layer of parchment paper or cling film to ensure that it will be simple to remove after it has been baked.
  • Multiple layers of cling film should be used to encase the unbaked cherry pie along with the accompanying tin.
  • After you have added a layer of tin foil on top of this as an additional layer of protection, place it in the freezer to freeze. It is likely going to take a few hours to complete this.
  • Take the cherry pie out of the tin and place it on a plate. It ought to be frozen in order for you to have an easier time manipulating it.
  • Protect the unbaked pie from freezer burn by wrapping it in several layers of cling film and placing it, if possible, in a freezer bag.
  • Label the bag with the date and contents and pop it back into the freezer until you need it.

Freeze Cherry Pie Filling

If you don’t want to freeze the entire pie, you may only prepare the cherry pie filling and freeze it separately. This will allow you to use the filling whenever you want while allowing you to make fresh pie crust each time. In order to accomplish this, you will need to follow these steps.

  • You can either make the filling or buy it. If you have already prepared it, then you need to wait until it has cooled down before freezing it.
  • Place the filling in an appropriate container that has a cover or a freezer bag that can be sealed well and place it in the freezer.
  • It’s a good idea to portion out the cherry pie filling and store each portion in its own plastic bag in the freezer. This allows you to remove from the freezer exactly the quantity that you require at any given time.
  • Put a label with the current date and a description of the contents on the bag or container, then seal it.
  • Put the filling for the cherry pie into the freezer and allow it to freeze.

Tips for Freezing Cherry Pie

Now that you know how to freeze it, we’ve got our three top tips. We strongly recommend following them when freezing Cherry Pie in order to get the best results:

  • If you freeze it once it has been baked, you will save time in the future because the cherry pie will already be prepared. In the event that you decide to bake the item after it has been frozen, you will need to allow sufficient time for it to defrost before baking it.
  • Place the pie, still frozen, in the oven and reheat it until it is piping hot all the way through. There is no need to defrost it in advance at all!
  • If you have created a lot of fruit pies, then you need to make sure that each one is clearly labeled.
  • If you are in the mood for some artistic expression, you could also cut out cherry shapes from the pastry and arrange them on top of the pie shell to draw even more attention to the filling.

How Long Can You Freeze Cherry Pie?

Cherry Pie freezes reasonably well. Therefore, you do need to take into consideration the fact that there is a distinction between baked and unbaked pie.

We would recommend that you try to utilize the baked cherry pie within around six months of freezing it; but, if you absolutely need to, you should be able to freeze the pie for up to eight months without worrying about it going bad. It is recommended that the unbaked cherry pie be stored in the freezer for no more than three months.

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How To Defrost Cherry Pie?

To defrost your cherry pie, you have several options, but the one that works best for you will be determined by how you originally froze it. Now, let’s have a look at the various distinctions between the two.

Cherry pie that has not been baked needs to be defrosted before it is cooked so that it can bake well and evenly. To accomplish this, remove the item from the freezer and place it in the refrigerator so that it can defrost overnight.

You can defrost a baked cherry pie using the same method, but if you’d rather, you can also let it thaw and then reheat it in the oven. Both options are available. This speeds up the procedure, but you must remember to alter the heating times to account for the fact that it was frozen in the first place.

Before serving, check that the pie is still piping hot all the way through to reduce the likelihood of any potential hazards.

Can You Refreeze Cherry Pie?

No, Cherry Pie should not be frozen and then thawed again. After you have frozen and thawed the cherry pie, you should not put it back in the freezer. This is not something we would encourage. It’s just not going to be the same delicious pie!

Even though it is possible to freeze pastry reasonably successfully, the product’s quality will still suffer if it is frozen and thawed more than once. Freezing and thawing a food product always results in some minor alterations to the meal.

Does Cherry Pie Freeze Well?

Yes, it is possible to successfully freeze Cherry Pie. If you opt to freeze your cherry pie before baking it, there should be no discernible change when you come to bake the pie after defrosting it from the freezer. It will have a flavor that is identical to how it would have tasted the day that you prepared it.

A pie that has been baked and then reheated may have some changes in texture, but it will still be delightful to eat.

FAQs on Can You Freeze Cherry Pie

1. Can You Freeze Slices of Cherry Pie?

Yes, it is possible to freeze cherry pie slices, however, we would only recommend doing so with cooked cherry pie slices. Wrap each slice individually in clingfilm, then in foil, and last place them in a thick freezer bag to freeze.

2. Can You Freeze Fruit Pies?

Yes, you can freeze fruit pies. The technique that is described here for freezing cherry pies can be utilized for the freezing of any fruit pie, including apple, rhubarb, and plum pies. Your primary concern should be making certain that it is stored in an airtight container with numerous layers of protection. You can never have too many layers of pastry on your pie.

3. Can You Freeze Cherry Pie Filling?

Yes, you can freeze cherry pie filling. If you intend to freeze the filling, you will need to follow a slightly different procedure. In an ideal situation, you will want to make the filling from scratch, and once it is complete, you will need to place it in a container or a freezer bag so that it can be stored.

Key Takeaways

You can always choose to freeze Cherry Pie if you discover that you have more than you can consume at once. This will result in an increase in the product’s shelf life and allow it to be consumed risk-free for at least six months. All you have to do to freeze Cherry Pie for later use is to adhere to the directions provided above.

We hope that the information we have provided on can you freeze cherry pie is useful for you. For more interesting articles like can you freeze cranberries, can freeze jackfruit, and many more, check out our website.



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