Can You Freeze Bok Choy – How Long Does Bok Choy Last In The Freezer?

Can You Freeze Bok Choy: Bok Choy is among the tastiest type of vegetables found in Asian Cuisine. Bok Choy somewhat looks like a cabbage but is good for soup, stews, and stir-fry. Did you ever want to make Bok Choy soup and you bought a whole lot of bok choy from the market? And now you are thinking about how to store this bok choy so they do not go bad?

Well, then you should stop worrying about that now, we have got all your queries. With this article, we are sure to solve all your queries and provide you with all the answers you need! Want to know about the health benefits of Bok Choy and get all the amazing recipes on it? Follow this article from the start to get a piece of detailed information about Bok Choy, its shelf life, storage tips, and more easily! So, let us dive in!

Can You Freeze Bok Choy

Can You Freeze Bok Choy?

Yes, you can freeze Bok Choy but when it is raw. But, remember to defrost it correctly to avoid a mushy mess. Blanching Bok Choy before freezing will prevent enzyme action. Prevention of enzyme action is necessary because it will cause texture, flavor, and color loss. Freezing Bok Choy will help you make it stay for a longer period.

Thus, to prevent Bok choy from getting worse, you have to freeze it and this is the only option. In no other way, you can prevent Bok choy from going bad but only if you freeze it. Freezing Bok choy will not affect its taste of it, it will be as good and as fresh as before.

How To Freeze Bok Choy?

Freezing a Bok Choy is not similar to the technique of freezing other vegetables or leaves. There are certain things that you should keep in mind before freezing Bok Choy. Before freezing Bok Choy, you must ensure to scorch it properly. Also, Bok Choy should be properly dried and washed. Make sure that these Bok Choy should be completely dried, a little water can make it mushy.

To freeze Bok Choy, you need to follow these certain steps:

  1. You need to remove the yellow leaves: Before freezing Bok Choy, you should need to keep in mind that the leaves of Bok Choy should be free from any yellow leaves. Yellow leaves of any plant indicate that the leaves have gone a little bad, and a single rotten leaf can rot the whole vegetable within a few days. So, make sure that the Bok Choy is free from yellow leaves.
  2. You must need to chop the Bok Choy into pieces: Another thing that you must keep in mind before freezing Bok Choy is chopping them into small pieces. Freezing a whole Bok Choy won’t make it last longer as Bok Choy has several leaf coverings. Thus, chopping them into small pieces is necessary.
  3. You need to place the chopped Bok Choy inside a freezer bag: After washing and drying Bok Choy, and after removing the yellow leaves and chopping them into pieces, you need to transfer these chopped pieces of Bok Choy into a freezer bag and then seal them properly. Make sure to seal the packets properly, to avoid the passing of air.

Is Blanching Necessary For Bok Choy Before Freezing It?

No, it is not very necessary to blanch Bok Choy before freezing it. However, there are various good effects if you blanch Bok Choy before freezing it. Even after having so many good effects of blanching Bok Choy before freezing it, many people consider it unnecessary or a waste of time. However, if you want you can also blanch Bok Choy before freezing it.

There are no ill effects of blanching Bok Choy before freezing. Thus, it depends on one’s will if one wants to blanch Bok Choy before freezing it. However, the results will be the same.

How Long Can You Freeze Bok Choy?

Bok Choy can be frozen for one month or so. Actually, if you want to store Bok Choy then the best way is by freezing it. Freezing Bok Choy is the best technique to keep it last for a longer period of time. However, storing Bok Choy at normal room temperature and in the refrigerator will not help you store it for a longer time.

So, to store Bok Choy for a long period of time, the best way is to freeze them. Freezing will help you to store them for a longer period of time. Thus, you can enjoy eating Bok Choy for a long and use it to make various soups and dishes.

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How To Store Frozen Bok Choy?

Storing frozen Bok Choy is simple and easy and does not require any hard steps. Storing frozen Bok Choy requires freezer bags or containers. You have to transfer the Bok Choy into these containers or freezer bags and then seal the properly so that no air and moisture can enter. A little moisture will rot the fresh Bok Choy within a few hours. So it is recommended to store Bok Choy in an airtight container.

How To Defrost Bok Choy?

Defrosting Bok Choy requires putting the airtight container of Bok Choy on the refrigerator for about a night to make it adjustable to the normal temperature. This is the most common technique used for defrosting Bok Choy.

Can You Refreeze Bok Choy?

No, Bok Choy cannot be refrozen. Refreezing Bok Choy after defrosting will result in losing the quality of the Bok Choy and hence it will go bad sooner than others.

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FAQs On Can You Freeze Bok Choy

1. How long will Bok Choy last if frozen?

Frozen Bok Choy will last for more than 6 months if frozen with all the proper techniques mentioned. If the techniques are not properly followed, then the Bok Choy will not last long and will rot.

2. Can you defrost frozen Bok Choy?

Yes, frozen Bok Choy can be defrosted easily. You just need to take out the frozen Bok Choy from the freezer and boil it immediately.

3. What if I eat a dish with rotten Bok Choy?

There will be no harmful effects if you eat any dish with rotten Bok Choy. You will hardly suffer from digestion issues and gastric issues.


Bok Choy is full of flavors and nutrients which can be stored for freezing right after buying or a few days after buying. But, before freezing Bok Choy, a few steps are required to follow. Numerous dishes can be made using Bok Choy. So, don’t wait, get your fresh Bok Choy today and enjoy your favorite dishes! If you like this article, kindly share it with your friends and family. For more such articles like Can You Freeze Carrots visit our website today!

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