Can you Freeze Pimms? – Preserving the Refreshing Flavor: The Facts Behind Freezing Pimms

Can you Freeze Pimms?: PIMM’s is an undisputed favorite of many sports drink lovers. The unique taste and the versatility to blend with other foods make it even better. Now, freezing the same may not serve the purpose as it is an alcohol-based drink and freezing alcohol is difficult.

Further, it can be stored at room temperature for almost 2 years (depending on the packaging date). This article is an approach to the mere thought of freezing PIMM’s and how can it be avoided.

Can you Freeze Pimms

Can you Freeze Pimms?

Yes, you can freeze Pimms for one month. But it is advised to store the Pimms at room temperature. We always suggest you consume the fresh Pimms cocktails to have the best taste.

The popular belief is that alcohol freezes well but its freezing point is lesser than water. The temperature needed to freeze alcohol is around 114℃. So, storing Pimms in the freezer will chill it.

How Can We Freeze PIMM’s?

Now, here’s a catch, though PIMM’s cannot be frozen, the ingredients used while serving it as a cocktail can be! Still, we recommend consuming fresh PIMM’s cocktails if you can. Once you are ready to freeze PIMM’s cocktail to freeze, place the same in the freezer.

Remember not to store it for a longer time as it will degrade the quality and taste of the cocktail. Instead of this, you can remove the cocktail fruits separately and freeze them.

Are There Any Tricks To Freeze PIMM’s?

As it is clear that, there is little possibility to freeze PIMM’s, so suggest some effective tips to meet the purpose.

  • Seldom freeze raw

As stated, freezing PIMM’s is practically impossible for their chemistry. Now, that does not stop us from freezing the same. There is a myriad of options to check out by adding some additional beverages such as juice, fizz, and others. Water can too be a good option but it can alter the taste immensely!

  • Double-check the container

The rule of thumb is to check the container before placing it for freezing. Many containers especially glasses crack when placed for freezing. Ensure that you are placing the same with a crack-proof container.

  • Be sure about it 

Be very sure about not freezing PIMM’s as it has many hustles of freezing. Even if there is the slightest chance to retain the same at room temperature, we suggest you go for it. There is absolutely no chance of getting the drink spoilt even if it is not frozen.

How Long Can PIMM’s Be Frozen?

PIMM’s can be frozen for almost 1 month depending on the contents in them. But, we always recommend it to use it as early as possible for making your experience really good. There is no specific evidence to support how long can PIMM’s be frozen. Once the pack of PIMM’s is opened, it is always better good to consume as early as possible.

Defrosting Process of PIMM’s

As PIMM’s does not require defrosting, the additional contents are the ones that need to be taken care of. If it contains fruit pieces, place the same in the fridge overnight, and can be served the next morning. Other times, it can be directly placed on the serving tray by scrapping the frozen crystals. Some prefer having it with frozen crystals.

Do Check

Refreezing PIMM’s Again After Usage

Alike other foods and drinks, the option for refreezing PIMM’s is never a good option. It will make the product bland and tasteless. The best way again is to avoid the freezing of PIMM’s unless it has been mixed with some other ingredients. If it has any additional foods in it, refreezing the same is not advisable. Try consuming the same after freezing PIMM’s for the very first time.

Does PIMM’s Freeze Well?

No, PIMM’s can’t freeze well when raw. As a matter of fact, PIMM’s is alcohol that seldom freezes. The best way to freeze PIMM’s is to blend them with other products and freeze them. It will be quite vague to say it freezes unless mixed with some other beverage or food. Once it is mixed with other products, it freezes well enough.

Common FAQs on Can You Freeze Pimms

1. Can you put Pimms in the fridge?

No, Pimms should be stored at room temperature.

2. How long do Pimms last once made?

The unopened Pimms will last for 18 to 24 months.

3. Can you freeze alcoholic cocktails?

Yes, you can freeze alcoholic cocktails

4. Can you make PIMM’s ice lollies?

Yes, once mixed with lemonade, the combo is ready to be frozen in the ice trays and eaten as ice lollies.

Key Takeaways

Now, it is pretty clear that freezing PIMMS is not that necessary. Instead, the additional ingredients can be frozen to save time while serving the next batch of PIMMS. Being an alcohol-based beverage it is always recommended not to freeze it as it can never produce satisfactory results.

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