Can You Freeze Jam Tarts – Best Tips To Freeze Jam Tarts For Kids

Can you freeze jam tarts? Just thinking about jam tarts makes our mouths water. These shortcut pastries with delicious fruit jam are the perfect dessert to turn to in good times and bad times. Now, even though jam tarts are primarily a British creation, nearly every country in the world enjoys it to some extent. That said, preparing jam tarts takes a fair amount of time and therefore, you might be wondering, can you freeze jam tarts?

This blog is your comprehensive guide and one-stop shop for answers about freezing jam tarts. We will cover aspects such as whether or not you can freeze jam tarts and if you can, then how do you go about it? We will also provide you with our best tips and tricks when it comes to freezing these bite-sized desserts! Keep reading!

Can You Freeze Jam Tarts

Can You Freeze Jam Tarts?

Yes, you can freeze jam tarts. However, the logical question that should pop into your mind is whether you can freeze jam tarts irrespective of the flavor of the jam in the tart.

Therefore, to answer this question further, you can rest easy knowing that regardless of which flavor the tart is of, freezing it is a viable option if your objective is to increase its shelf life! The method of freezing these dessert bites is extremely straightforward. We have still given you comprehensive instructions on how to freeze jam tarts in the following section!

How to Freeze Jam Tarts?

Freezing jam tarts consist of 4 main steps. None of them requires you to learn thermodynamics and rocket science. Meaning, if you have prepared the jam tarts on your own, you can also freeze them regardless of how tired you are after baking them! So, here is what you need to do in order to perfectly freeze jam tarts!

  • If you know how to bake jam tarts, we would advise baking them by yourself. However, once you have baked them at home, you need to let the tarts cool down entirely. Once your tarts don’t have vapor emanating from them, you can proceed to the next step. The reason why this is an important step is that vapors could lead to the formation of ice crystals in your frozen tarts, which, in turn, could ruin the texture and consistency of the entire item!
  • Next, we need to flash freeze the cooled jam tarts. To do this, simply arrange the jam tarts on a baking sheet and make sure they do not touch each other. Then place this tray in your freezer for an hour or two. Once the jam tarts have frozen into hard solids, you can move on to the next step in your freezing process.
  • Take the jam tarts off the baking tray and begin to pack them in airtight layers of aluminum foil. Now, place these foil-wrapped tarts in airtight baggies that are also freezer-safe.
  • Finally, place the baggies in your freezer in a spot that will remain largely undisturbed. After all, we do not want our jam tarts to crumble because of the movement of the other items in your freezer! Make sure that you label the baggies with the date on which you froze them!

How Long Can You Freeze Jam Tarts?

As we mentioned, you can freeze any and every type of jam tart. And the best part is that you can freeze jam tarts for nearly 3 months at a time. Imagine how convenient it would be to simply prepare one batch of jam tarts that you can then enjoy for 3 months!

That said, jam tarts are particularly susceptible to freezer burn. Therefore, you must take additional precautions to ensure that their packaging is as airtight as possible! The trick is enjoying your frozen jam tarts also lies in how you defrost them. But, that’s a topic for a later section!

How to Thaw or Defrost Frozen Jam Tarts?

Frozen jam tarts need careful defrosting to avoid becoming mushy and losing their texture. If you want to thaw frozen jam tarts without having them go mushy, follow these steps:

Get the frozen jam tarts out of the fridge and onto a dish or tray. Leave them in the packaging until they are completely defrosted. Naturally, you will have to pay attention to the desserts while they are defrosting in their packaging.

Now, jam tarts need approximately one hour to thaw at room temperature. We would strongly advise that you avoid the thought of using a microwave oven to thaw out your frozen jam tarts. The tarts simply will not be able to handle the rapid temperature fluctuation.

After the jam tarts are completely defrosted, take them out of the packaging and bake them in your baking oven at a low temperature (150 to 160 degrees Celsius) for 5 to 10 minutes. Basically, we are trying to bring back the crunch of the shortcake pastry around the jam when we heat it in an oven.

If you’d rather skip using the oven, the jam tarts will thaw just well in the fridge overnight. It’ll take a little longer, but it’ll keep them from becoming soggy altogether. After you thaw the jam tarts, make sure that you eat them right away because they will spoil in a couple of days after you thaw them!

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Can You Refreeze Thawed Jam Tarts?

No, you simply cannot refreeze jam tarts that have already been thawed once. The reason? You will lose the original and enjoyable texture of your jam tart and instead will be left with jelly mush. Moreover, your jam tarts could also fall victim to freezer burn or even spoil because of the constant temperature changes. Therefore, we simply try to divide our jam tarts into baggies such that we can consume one baggie of jam tarts in one shot!

Do Jam Tarts Freeze Well?

Yes, jam tarts freeze extremely well. At the risk of sounding repetitive, jam tarts freeze really well regardless of what flavored jam you happen to be using in the tart! When you follow the freezing and thawing steps that we have mentioned, you can virtually ensure that your jam tarts remain as fresh as possible without losing any of their essential texture characteristics!

That said, you will probably get the best results from freezing the jam tarts in an entirely airtight packet to stave off freezer burn!

Tips and Tricks on Freezing Jam Tarts

Feel slightly confused? Well, fear not. Below, we have compiled our favorite tips and tricks that can improve your understanding and process of freezing your precious jam tarts! Give them a shot and figure out for yourself which tips work best for you.

  • Jam tarts freeze best when they are frozen on the very day they are cooked. Our experience tells us that jam tart that is frozen soon after baking has a higher chance of retaining its texture and taste than those that have been hanging about for a while.
  • Jam tarts need some time to defrost from the freezer. However, it is certainly better to be patient rather than use a microwave to speed up the thawing process. The tarts will thaw entirely in as little as two hours at room temperature after being removed from the freezer.

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FAQs on Can You Freeze Jam Tarts

1. Can you freeze pre-baked jam tarts?

Yes, you can certainly freeze pre-baked or store-bought jam tarts just as well as homemade jam tarts. However, in our opinion, homemade jam tarts taste slightly better than packaged jam tarts do, especially after freezing!

2. Can you freeze jam tarts before baking them?

Yes, you can freeze jam tarts before you bake them. In fact, this will ensure that you can enjoy the freshly-baked feeling when you do decide to eat the tarts. Just remember to package the tarts in a completely airtight manner. Don’t shy away from using multiple layers to achieve that airtightness!

3. Can you freeze jam only?

Yes, you can freeze jam only. Using ice cube trays or miniature jars to freeze jam can be an extremely helpful method!

4. How can you freeze different flavored jam tarts?

If your jam tarts are of varying flavors, you need not worry. The process for freezing jam tarts of any and every flavor is identical. Simply follow the instructions we have provided above to the T and your tarts should freeze well!

Key Outcomes

Hope that the information we have provided on Can you freeze jam tarts is useful for you. As we mentioned, you must be careful when you package the tarts. Otherwise, freezer burn could quickly ruin your 3-month-long plans of gorging on jam tarts. And that’s that. Happy freezing!

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