Can You Freeze Fondant Flowers? – How to Store Fondant Flowers Safely?

Can You Freeze Fondant Flowers: Fondant flowers are commonly called fondant icing. Fondant icing is used in decorations, parties, and mostly in birthday cake decorations. It’s covered in cakes and dresses; it’s most likely made up of fondant.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the storing procedure of fondant flowers and get some insight into “Can You Freeze Fondant Flowers or Not”? How can you use leftover fondant flowers? and many more related stuff. We will go over each and every point accordingly…

Can You Freeze Fondant Flowers

Can You Freeze Fondant Flowers?

No, because we should not freeze fondant flowers because the moisture that occurs is the enemy of everything made of fondant. When you freeze fondant, it loses its structure and shape which doesn’t look attractive. It also becomes soft and nourished. To make these flowers takes a certain amount of time like 1 to 1.5 hours to make one flower and we don’t want to waste our efforts by freezing them and deteriorating the quality of fondant flowers.

Sadly, the freezer is not a good option for freezing fondant flowers because moisture and air may destroy it completely.

Why Can’t You Freeze Fondant Flowers?

As we mentioned above, it takes a lot of time to make a fondant flower, and it loses its beauty after freezing. As a result, it’s not advisable to freeze fondant flowers. Because fondant is a gum paste that is not made to freeze, the cold air present in the freezer makes moisture that disturbs the fondant and softens it.

But there is one way to freeze the fondant flowers. To freeze the fondant, you need a container that is packed on all sides and doesn’t have any way to get air inside of it so that the shape of the fondant doesn’t go bad. But still, I will recommend that freezing is not at all the safest option for fondant flowers.

How to Store Fondant Flowers Safely?

In order to store the fondant flowers safely for a certain period of time, its recipe to understand this part. Storing fondant is a very important part you should know because the hard work you put into making fondant decorations or flowers will go directly to waste when you keep them in the freezer.

So there are some points that you need to know before storing fondant flowers which are given as follows:

  • If you’re making fondant flowers or decorations in large quantities, you can simply wrap them in plastic or cling film and keep them at room temperature.
  • You should knead your fondant until it becomes soft before rolling.
  • To prevent your fondant flowers from sticking when you roll them, you should prepare a surface that works with vegetable shortening.
  • The fondant flowers pick up the dirt very easily because it’s gummy. So make sure you are using a cleaned surface for this procedure.
  • Ensure that you keep fondant flowers away from sunlight or direct light because sunlight makes fondant flowers alter.
  • Keeping these parameters in mind, you have to work on your fondant flowers.

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Does Fondant Freeze Well?

No, it does not freeze well. Fondant is a very common material that is used in almost all fondant flower decorations. It’s a gummy, paste-like material that is consumable and chewy. It’s gummy, which is why the air present in the fridge makes it lose its structure and shape and become totally useless.

There are two-to-three types of freezing the fondant, but it’s a hard and slow process. There are many more fondant preservation tips given above; make sure you refer to them properly.

How Long Do Fondant Flowers Last?

Generally, fondant is a weak substance, and it’s also sweet, which is why it doesn’t last long. It lasts up to 2 to 3 weeks if you preserve it on plastic wrap. And if you preserve it properly in a jar with all sides closed at a normal temperature, it will last up to 1 month, but it will not even last more than 1 day in the freezer.

But in the case of rolled fondant, if it is stored under ideal conditions, it might last up to 5 to 6 months. If you buy a fondant from the market, the expiry date shows 2 years of “use by date,” but you better use it within 6 months.

How to Use Leftover Fondant?

There are various ways to use leftover fondant. Sometimes you make many things from fondant, but still sometimes it might be leftover and you throw it, but instead of throwing it, you can make many delicious and decorative small articles from it.

Here’s the list of things that you can make out of fondant:

  • Fondant diy sprinkles.
  • Fondant molds for cake decorating
  • Fondant marbling effect
  • Fondant cake pops the cover
  • Fondant cookie filling
  • Fondant stickers

This is the list of things that you can make out of fondant. These are very easy to make and are also delicious and sweet. You can make it anytime and enjoy it.

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How Can You If the Fondant Flowers Have Gone Bad?

If you don’t follow the guidelines for storing fondant flowers, You may observe changes in their shape and structure. If you store the fondant flowers in the freezer or in a cool place, they might not be safe for even one day. The perfect way to preserve fondant flowers is to store them in a normal-temperature place and cover it with plastic wrap so the air doesn’t affect them much.

To know that the fondant flowers have gone bad, you will notice some changes in the fondant, like its structure changing. For example, if there are fondant flowers, after some time you see that the fondant flower loses its shape and also becomes soft, so we can’t even take it in our hands.

FAQs on “Can You Freeze Fondant Flowers?”

1. What happens if you freeze fondant?

If you freeze fondant, the moisture present in the freezer makes the fondant soft and loses its structure. So you shouldn’t freeze the fondant.

2. Can you freeze fondant icing?

Yes, you can freeze the icing of fondant, but you can’t freeze the normal fondant. You can freeze the fondant icing for around 1 month because fondant icing is not molded or rolled.

3. Will fondant crack in the freezer?

Yes, fondant can crack in the freezer if you don’t want your cake to dry out in the freezer. Then don’t decorate the fondant after removing the cake; make sure you put it on at that time.

4. Can you freeze fondant cake?

Yes, you can freeze fondant cakes even if they’re decorated, but there are some points that you need to keep in mind. Make sure your cake is fully wrapped on all sides and keep it in the box. Make sure you seal it properly to avoid freezer burn.

5. Will fondant harden the refrigerator?

Fondants do not dry in the fridge, but they become soft and loose. Hence, fondant doesn’t harden in the refrigerator.

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